Saturday, 28 April 2012

Voting and Posting

Off we went, through rain and weather too inclement to begin to describe in order to cast our vote and change the council!!!! (and of course to buy a sausage sizzle and a cake from the cake stall) Alas and alack the cake stall had sold out but we did manage a sausage on bread (Yummo) and we will find out later if our vote counted!

I also went to visit Liz today……..She is selling her TV cabinet and we were working out the ad for Ebay and Gumtree…….Of course it all got too hard and I took everything home for Ron to do because he is sooooooo clever with computer stuff.

I checked out on her computer how to Post a Comment……..It appears that it is quite easy to use Name/URL in the drop down menu…… I am amending my previous recommendations (which appeared on  Penny Gets Wet, Ron Loses His Curls) to include that option……

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