Monday, 23 April 2012

Penny Gets Wet, Ron Loses His Curls

This morning it was off to Aqua Aerobics……Trish and I have been going for a while now but I haven’t been for a couple of weeks and we had a new (to me) instructor…..While most instructors lead the class in the water, this one chose to demonstrate from the edge of the pool…..lovely lady, incredibly fit (unlike we poor old dears thrashing about like wallowing hippos) What is it with these people? She leaped about all over the place AND did not even have the good grace to sound puffed out as she yelled instructions, let alone raise a sweat!!!!  

Ronnie had me cut his hair this afternoon. I said it made him look mean now that all his curls are gone so he struck an appropriate pose for the camera!

Finally, after pleas to my legion of fans to use names instead of ‘Anonymous’, I have received a request on how to put your name into the comments section. 
The easiest way is to sign in as Anonymous but put your name in with the comment (as part of it)
Sign up for a Google Account in the drop down menu next to where it says ‘Comment as:’ . The Google Account is free. Just follow the prompts.

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