Thursday, 26 April 2012

Battling On

I had a dental appointment today at 1:00pm and arrived promptly at 12:45 (having been raised by a mother who considered anything less than 15 minutes early was running late) only to be informed that my appointment was for 1:30 and the dentist was at lunch. I spent my time constructively reading my book and was eventually seen and informed that everything was fine!  Afterwards, armed with all manner of goodies including the now mandatory vanilla choc top ice cream cone, Ron and I sallied forth to the nearby cinema in order to take in a movie.

We went to see ‘Battleship’, the movie with the American Navy (this time) saving the world from annihilation by aliens.  What can I say? I quite like mindless action movies and this is incredibly mind numbingly mindless (but in a pleasant kind of way).  If you go with really low expectations as I did, you will not be disappointed. Indeed, if you are willing to ignore common sense, logic and a real plot and want to see lots of things blow up then this could be the movie for you!!!!!  It is supposedly based on ‘Battleship’ the board game (I remember the low tech version with pencil and paper) and I found it a real stretch to find any similarities except for the name and one scene where they used grid references when fighting the aliens. There are a few laughs to be had (mainly at the absurdity of the plot line which is so corny it defies belief) and the characters are at best one dimensional.  Incredibly, although it was an action movie and there was the inevitable blowing up of all manner of things (and people) there was a noticeable lack of blood and guts and gore and there was no bad language (not even a bloody, let alone any four letter expletives) – quite refreshing!!!!   
To give it a one star rating would be exceedingly generous!!!


  1. I thought i deserved at least a 3 or 4 rating. Mum's right about it all but i thought it was rather funny. Really liked it!!!

  2. I thought mum was generous, even she liked it more then me!!
    I think the Avengers will be good though after all it has IRON MAN in it..wooohooooo!!!!!

  3. Saw it today and it was awesome!!! Very cool

    1. Will let you know what I rate it at after we see it.....which I am guessing will be shortly.