Sunday, 22 April 2012

Dragons' Lair

To my dedicated band of followers, deepest apologies for not posting yesterday……..

I don’t really have much today either……

We had1 looker yesterday and none today at our open house L but it has only been a week. Ronnie looks like he is about to trip over his bottom lip and I’m not much better.

On a happier note J I thought I would show off my new dragons. I just took the photos this morning. They are my latest commissioned works……the black one for my friend and the pink one to be raffled at ‘The World’s Biggest Morning Tea’ for breast cancer research on the 10th May.


  1. For the sake of a very long friendship would you buy me "one" ticket in the pink dragon. I say one because I am having a very lucky run at the moment.
    Oh and I see a cashed up buyer coming your way in the not to distant future... so pick up those bottom lips and smile...all the way to your RV.

  2. I would be delighted to put you down for one ticket as soon as I work out who you are!!!!!!!!

  3. She who must be obeyed.
    She who is full of wisdom.
    She who is truely beautiful.
    She who is all seeing, all knowing
    and a friend of the universe.
    Really must I go on....

    Hint ... Ive been around for a long long
    time but you would never think it to look at me..

  4. No Idea!!!!!!
    All my friends are lovely,wise.all knowing etc.

  5. What is the pink ones name ... She looks frisky! I hope Tink behaved himself for the photo shoot ... or should I expect grand-dragonettes? ;)

    1. Just because I am a dragon lady.....don't go getting presumptious!!! The pink one is nameless - I expect her new mother will name her!!!