Friday, 20 April 2012

Home Again, Home Again

The Dam Wall

After yet another delicious breaky, we packed up and headed back towards home. We stopped at Bjelke-Petersen Dam for a leisurely morning tea.

 It was very pretty and there was lots of bird life.
Our Morning Tea Spot

A Cormorant Drying His Wings

Then an uneventful drive home with a quick stop at Brisbane R.V.’s to check out motor homes…..still looking!!!
We arrived home about 5:30 having encountered our first drops of rain well south of the Gateway Bridge. We had absolutely fabulous weather all the time we were away.

So another happy camping trip draws to a close… back to reality..........
I watched "Packed to the Rafters" tonight (Ron taped it while we were away) and I noticed that Jules has started a Blog as this another example of life imitating art or am I just a trend setter?

We now have to get ready for our  first Open House with our new Real Estate Agent, Helen tomorrow as well - fingers crossed……..


  1. I just enjoyed your entire camping trip in one go this very moment. Ron's expertise is truly amazing and I look forward to sampling some of his treats soon - hopefully, in celebration of the house selling. My excuse for not following the blog daily is that I have 550 unread emails, despite trying hard to keep up. So glad you're back and had a lovely time away.

  2. Thanks Trish....We had a ball!!!
    May have to wait a while longer for house selling though :(

  3. Hi Penny,
    Great to see you have spare time in your life to maintain a blog (have you given up on Ron). I think twitter is easier as one does not have to upload web pages & photos etc. Grand-dog looks like a nice puppy but they grow up. Looks like Ron is out the door onto back verandah- doghouses are usually air conditioned these days but the tv is not the usual 50inch screen. Enjoy life as you pair are & see you around. Anon

  4. Hi Hi
    Sounds like you have lots of first hand experiences with dog houses. Bet I can guess who you are......I'm getting the initials N.O.B......give me clues....(like am I right)

  5. Had a visit today from this woman who went camping and doesn't like me but she does really and I love her, th
    is Penny has a great sense of humour and I enjoy her company I hope one day that richard and I can join them on their adventures. Great camping spot. Annon ka

  6. Hi Ka
    Enjoyed my visit today and look forward to lots more.....