Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Barambah Bush Camp

We very nearly didn’t come……It was pouring rain on Monday night and the forecast was miserable at best… we cancelled.

Then we got all depressed and decided to risk it and rebooked and  ….wow!

It is blue skies, sunshine and T shirts all the way!

We arrived yesterday afternoon and set up camp. We gathered wood, Ron cooked a splendid BBQ and Fran and Bob and I ate it…..a fair division of labour I think!!!!

Actually Bob and Fran provided delicious nibblies and salads but you can’t let details cloud a good story!!!
Bob and Fran and I on our walk

It was great sitting round the camp fire.
The campsite is lovely and after a good sleep we went for a wander out the back this morning and after lunch, Ron and Bob started on the fire for tonight’s feast. Ronnie has bought a Camp Oven so we are doing a roast dinner.....

More soon

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