Thursday, 19 April 2012

Camping Continues

Later we wandered around the camping area while dinner cooked.


Then came the great unveiling…...

Yummmo!!!!!!  Haute Cuisine a la Ronnie!!!!

We are talking Michelin Star here….it was a Baked Dinner to die for…….it melted in the mouth.

We arose this morning and enjoyed a Weight Watchers breakfast (i.e. we watched the weight go on) of bacon and eggs and then more bacon.

Armed with a map, Fran and I went off for another bush walk and Fran stopped dead as a snake slid across in front of her. Since she said it was a baby, I looked for something about 30cm or less….IT WAS A METRE LONG!!!!!!!!  I would have included a photo but between the speed of the snake and my trembling hands, there was no chance of that happening!

Back at camp, Ron had whipped up a delicious batch of scones.

Another relaxing afternoon with Fran doing her Sudoko, me crocheting my bed socks (to be used in cooler weather) and Ron and Bob sleeping and reading.

We went and saw the birds being fed this afternoon and then another sumptuous feast – corned beef and veg cooked in the Camp Oven!

Sadly tomorrow we have to head off home.