Monday, 16 April 2012

Our Grandpuppy

Here are the latest photos of Dollar...Ben's and Anita's new family addition......he has the most gorgeous blue eyes and is of course (being my grandpuppy), the most gorgeousest little Husky in the whole wide world!!


  1. Awwwww... He's so cute! Bet he cost more than a dollar, though!!

  2. He gets here on Monday at 1530hrs. My first dog ever, bit excited about it. He's getting toys bought for him already. Looks like i'm going to have a bit of competion for attention in the house now though :/

  3. It's not what he cost to get ... it's what he is going to cost to keep. Just received two Kelpie pups for my birthday. So know the pain of vet bills and food already. It's also very sad to think you had to wait this long (and get it yourself) for your 1st puppy. shame on you Penny.

  4. OK you with the two Kelpie pups, advance and be recognised!!!

    1. Never!! I think I will go under the name of ...Hmmmmmm...the mysterious one...she who has much knowledge and wisdom. Oh and good looking to boot.

  5. Hi Hi
    I'm betting Aunty was not so much the knowledge and wisdom as the vanity that gave you away!!!!

  6. With knowledge and wisdom I only speak the truth .. vanity has nothing to do with it...
    I continue to follow your exciting stories with great interest ....for now .
    But I think maybe I -- great one-- should start my own page
    ( yes your right I just love to compete).