Sunday, 15 April 2012

Captain's Log...Stardate 15th April 2012

Hi Hi
This is my first post....
We are heading north to Kingaroy on Tuesday to camp with friends, Bob and Fran.....
Hopefully it will be our last camp before we trade our Real Estate for Wheel Estate and head off into the wild blue yonder...

My intention is to Blog on a regular basis, keep you up to date with our voyages, regale  you all with tall tales and true of our legendary adventures and generally make you all jealous with just the click of a mouse!!!!!
I will also include pictures!!!!

2012  is The Year of the Dragon, which apparently signifies great change...
this is a dragon I knitted and sold to a lady in my Yoga Class....He is pictured here next to flowers that Ron bought for me....proof positive that Dragons signify change!!!!!!


  1. I just may be able to accept your abandonment by reading this lovely blog. It has your artstry all over it and makes me think of you just to look at the artwork, much less the comments. May the Dragon lead you both into exciting adventures that I can vicariously enjoy, even when I'm not turning up at your campsite in person, which is not a threat, but a promise.

  2. Hi Trish
    Thanks for your comment....look forward to seeing you at our campsites (if you can find us -he he he)

  3. Have fun camping and I'll see you when you get back :D

  4. Enjoy your few days away & I'll see you when you get back Liz.