Sunday, 5 August 2012

Creek to Creek

Monday 30th July

Monday is washing day!!!!  So I thought ‘I’ll use my new washing machine aka bucket with a lid!!!!’. So we stuffed all the dirty clothes into the bucket and put it in the shower, the intention being that the bumping on the road will agitate the clothes and clean them……it works!!!!!

We drove from Apple Tree Creek to Woodgate Beach, a lovely beach side village and went for a walk along the sand. It was great.

Then it was back into Indy and off up the highway via Bundaberg for lunch.  We stopped in a park under the bridge out of town to eat and met a nice couple from Cairns and had a good chat.

Then it was off to Sharon Nature Park (121) and time to hang out the washing.Great amenities, but very close to the road so lots of traffic noise.

Tuesday 31st July

While I was doing my Tai Chi, I chanced upon a sign for a one kilometre bush walk down to the Burnett River. Ron was filled with enthusiasm at the prospect (not).

We went anyway and it was a very easy walk.  It was very dense bush but the view of the river was tremendous.

After our walk it was off to Gin Gin to replenish supplies.  We then tootled down the road to Lake Monduran and the Fred Haigh Dam for lunch.
Then it was off to Granite Creek Rest Area (115) – a pretty little spot (recommended by the folk we met in Bundy) but again quite close to the road and noisy.

We had a great sundowners with a couple in the van across the way and a few others joined in as well. Then it was another really cold night (The night before last, it was colder inside Indy than it was in the fridge!!!!!)

Wednesday 1st August
Today we are staying on at Granite Creek….no need to hurry anywhere!!!! But that doesn’t stop us finding me little jobs to do.
Today, I cut Ron’s hair, finished off my ‘Wattle socks’ – to keep my tootsises warm and worked on my photos and diary. I thought Wattle Socks so appropriate because of the colour and it would also be Wattle Day today if Bill Haydon hadn’t mucked about when he was Governor General and changed it to 1st September!!!!!  I have almost given up on blogging – the internet is spasmodic at best and our phones seldom have coverage!!!!!

But I shall soldier on regardless!!!!!!!


  1. You will have to post a photo of when Ron cuts your hair!!

    So glad you are persisting with sporadic internet. I love reading your escapades!!


    1. The haircut may be coming sooner than you think!!