Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Return to Ravenswood then Back to Burdekin

Wednesday 22nd August

On Staff and Merle’s advice, we turned around and drove back past Macrossan to the Ravenswood turnoff that Ron had ignored when I mentioned it on the way through. It was then another 39 km to the tiny town of Ravenswood. We drove through to the lookout overlooking the mine. It was a steep walk and the mine was enormous.

We decided to go through to Burdekin Falls Dam (282) another 115 km down the road – and are we glad we did! $15 per night for a powered site, $2 washing machines and a pool!!!!!

There wasn’t much of a view from camp. You had to walk to the lookout.

That is water pouring over the dam wall; we had never seen that before.

There were heaps of birds around including the peacocks who seemed to be quite taken with Indie and we met the neighbours, Rob and Rhonda from Lake Macquarie. They invited us over for Sun Downers and we all had a lovely time eating, drinking and chatting. They also recommended Ravenswood.

After dinner, Ron and I were sitting outside looking for satellites when we saw a strange little hopping animal.

Thursday 23rd August

We decided to stay an extra day and after I had done the washing we walked down to the dam again and on the way back, we saw more hopping animals. But at least we knew what these ones were!!!!!

The rest of the day, I sat and painted a water colour of some strawberries.

When the man came to collect the rent this morning, Ron asked him what the strange hopping animals last night were. He pondered the question for a while and said ‘kangaroos?’ He then went on to say he didn’t know a lot about animals. Duh!!!!

After breakfast we headed off back to Ravenswood. As we went to drive out, we spotted a little hitch hiker on the side of Indie.

Any way we headed down the road, past more of the beautiful scenery that makes up the Burdekin Falls Dam area.

We drove into Ravenswood Showground (281) and paid the caretaker, ‘Woody’ our $14 site fees, and when I eventually got away again (he was on for a chat) we parked Indie under a tree and went for a walk into the historic town of Ravenswood– it was only 300 metres.

First stop was the Imperial Hotel where Ronnie had his first beer for a month and I had my first Coke.

We went for a walk around town and took some more photos before walking back to camp.

When we arrived back, we had new neighbours all around us and while we were talking to next doors, Woody (Edward John Pigram) arrived selling Raffle Tickets for the Vietnam Vets. He is the nicest man. He proceeded to tell us his life story – literally – and it turns out he was in 1RAR and worked with the 157th Airborne (the Americans) and they were awarded U.S Meritorious Citation for the battle of Coral-Balmoral which entitles them to wear ‘the red swimming pool’ even on their civvies. Current members of 1RAR, like Ben, are only allowed to wear it while they are in the regiment; once they leave, that’s it.

Saturday 25th August

We had a delicious breakfast and then as we went to pack up, the spring in the awning (that makes it roll back up by itself) broke so we added it to our list of things to do in Townsville.

We headed off 99 km down the half dirt half bitumen road to Ayr. The countryside was gorgeous as per usual and when we got to Ayr, we gave Indie his first bath.


We went for a bit of a walk around and had lunch at a fabulous little gourmet deli and then decided to back track even further and spend the night at (47) Home Hill Comfort Stop (the free spot in town, not the caravan park we stayed in on the 17th )

It is really well set up with toilets, hot showers and a covered seating area with sinks and power. The big drawback is that it is only the next street back from the highway and almost on top of the railway line and therefore possibly the noisiest place we have camped in so far!!


Sunday 26th August

This morning we set off for Townsville and arrived just before lunch.  We stopped off in the city and caught the markets just before they closed.  They had a great variety of goodies and we bought some Asian takeaway. Then we wandered through the Regional Art Gallery and checked out the exhibition.
We arrived at Ben’s about one. He has just arrived back home from his trip to Mongolia for Khaan Quest 2012 (Multinational Peace Keeping Operations Exercise) so he and Ron could not help but compare hats (I think Ben’s hat wins).

We caught up on all their hot goss and looked at Ben’s photos – pretty amazing!!
My grandpuppy, Dollar is just sooooooooooooo gorgeous. He is the perfect toddler. Quiet, (hardly ever barks) well mannered, (shakes hands with everyone) toilet trained, eats all his dinner and sleeps through the night…..what more could you ask for?  (You can see the family resemblance immediately – 3 generations of those beautiful blue eyes!!!!)
Monday 27th August
Today is Ron’s birthday and I had asked Ben to buy him a jaffle iron and a headlamp which he dutifully did.  Sadly, he neglected to buy wrapping paper but he and Anita did manage to find an old copy of Defence Force News. Ben made breakfast – and Ron opened his presents. Because he wasn’t sure whether it would be better to get a large single jaffle iron or a small double, he bought one of each!!!!!
Paul rang to wish Ron Happy Birthday. We had Thai for Dinner and Anita and Ben organised Black Forest Cake because it is Ron’s Favourite. It was a pretty good day all round.

Tuesday 28th August
We are busy organising the repair to Indie’s awning and a service for him. I went to the Motor Registry and the Rego still has not been transferred….unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!! I also bought a Dyson hand held vacuum cleaner (Anita has a real one). It is really effective. Ron bought some bits and pieces for Indie as well.
Wednesday 29th August
Just doing general bibs and bobs, washing, Ron and Ben are doing stuff to Ben’s house. Ben has leave but Anita is still at work. She had Monday off and will be home Thursday and Friday as well!


  1. So, no news of the good news on this post. When did they drop that bombshell on you? !!


  2. OH! Happy belated birthday, Ronnie!!