Friday, 10 August 2012

At St Lawrence

Sunday 5th August
We arrived at St Lawrence, mid-afternoon and set up camp. The view from the balcony was not as salubrious as other times.

But, a short walk (20 metres) and we have the Wetlands on our doorstep.
Beautiful spot… can’t get better advice than from a man in a bath towel!!!!!!
Our spot is on a bit of a slope – you can tell by the way the water drains (or rather doesn’t drain) from the sink but it is too crowded to move. It is a free camp and the amenities are fabulous – hot showers $1.00 for three minutes and they are cleaned every day. There is a Pub, a General Store and a Post Office all within walking distance, so we are told by Barry and Pat (from Macleay Island) who chatted to us on arrival. There is also a walking track out to a viewing platform overlooking the water filled with all kinds of birds.
Barely have we set up and a couple arrive and ask very politely if they can squeeze in beside us…what can you say?
Anyway, Ron and I went for a walk along the walking track.

On our return we got chatting to the new neighbours. They came from Redlands and were so nice. We had Sun Downers together. Her name was Tana and his was Erin (shades of ‘A Boy Named Sue’) but he assured us it was because his Mum was Irish.

Monday 6th August
We had a nice, quiet, relaxing day after doing the laundry and relocating to a good, level spot in the middle. Almost everyone else had vacated by mid-morning.
Francis, a lovely Tasmanian gentleman had done a quick walk by and counted 122 – yes 122 – caravans and campers. In spite of the huge numbers, it does not feel cramped and everybody tries to be mindful of neighbours. It is also very quiet; all the old dears are tucked up in bed shortly after sunset.
Later in the morning we walked into town and bought a loaf of bread and a cask of wine (the staples).
In the afternoon a lady came by selling her fresh free range eggs for $3.00 per dozen so we bought some.

Tuesday 7th August

 Here I am working twice as hard as usual on my Blog.  (I’m not really – it’s all a trick done with mirrors!!!) J
Ron and I walked into town to the Post Office. It is at the opposite end of town to the Pub and the General Store and quite a hike. When we got there, it was a veritable Aladdin’s cave with Versace perfumes, souvenir tea towels, assorted fruit, vegetables and grocery items, pharmaceuticals, clothes, Calvin Klein After Shaves and assorted knick knacks. The only thing I was unable to purchase was envelopes!!!!! I needed 7, but she only had 4!!!!

 It was such a long walk, but luckily Ron managed to find us a short cut home again.

Wednesday 8th August

After a delicious breakfast of our recently acquired eggs this morning, I went walking out to the viewing platform again while Ron stayed back at camp.

The water was absolutely teeming with geese, so much so that I actually managed to get one (after several unsuccessful attempts) flying!!!

Ron has finally managed to get TV reception. He fixed up the aerial today while I was out walking so now his bottom lip does not quiver as we pass other vans at night and see the flicker of TV screens through drawn curtains. Ron is using the TV through his computer so not to drain the house batteries and tonight we watched Q.I. and The Gruen Transfer. We can only get Chanel 2.

Thursday 9th July
After breakfast, we took another walk into town and even had to wait at the crossing for a train. I thought they only ran at night and then in groups of four or more. I’m sure this section of the line is busier than Brisbane Central!

Of course you know immediately that you are now on the wrong side of the tracks by the appearance of the Police Station.
However, any fears you may harbour are allayed by the sign out front as you take comfort that criminal activity is limited to just 4 hours per week.

Although this is the wrong side of the tracks, the scenery remains rather beautiful.

After yet another stunning sunset, we have decided to leave tomorrow.
We wanted to see how long we can last on solar and figure five days is pretty good!!!!!


  1. It's good to see you are staying in a safe town ... where criminal activity is "by appointment". Loved the photo of you working with your self. (not getting lonely are we??) Didn't find the single photo of the geese "that" impressive since you had soooo many to choose from. Oh and I thought the eggs looked under done. But the scenery does look great and the people did sound friendly.
    Loved the story and photos...keep up the good work.
    Well thats my 2pennys worth(no pun intended really!!)
    life's good down here.
    cheers roz

  2. Hahahaaa ... 'you can only get channel 2' ... that was my life for 12 years. I think I turned out ok!

    We are using Susan tonight ... Fajitas are on the menu!! :)