Monday, 6 August 2012

Calliope River

Thursday 2nd August

After much to-ing and fro-ing at road works and missing the turnoff (Twice!!!) we arrived at Calliope River Rest Area (105) and sooooooooooooooo glad we persevered – it is amazing!

The view from the terrace says it all

A couple of people we had met previously recognised Indie (this is Ron’s preferred spelling) and came by for a chat and we made some new friends as well.
Sandra and Derek are from Tassie and gave us their address and told us to come visit when we get there. We first met them at Apple Tree Creek. Another couple were Rob and Melinda from Brisbane and an unusual fellow from Logan, wearing only a towel, a beanie and a flannelette shirt also dropped by for a chat.

After lunch (Ronnie cooked up cheese jaffles – yum!) we went for a nice long walk around the camp and across the bridge to the other side.

Our side of the river was much nicer!!!!!

Then it was just a quiet afternoon lazing about, reading and enjoying the sunshine.

I did encounter Dawn who was selling her hand towels, tea towels, knitted bed socks, beanies and assorted sundry items and made a timely purchase of a blue (could there be any other colour?) hand towel.

Other people were out kayaking and fishing.

Then after the sun set slowly into the west, I built the best ever camp fire.

Friday 3rd August

Today was a truly lazy day. Ron read his book. I went for another bit of a walk and then spent a long time doing a coloured pencil drawing of our view. Very relaxing!!
We had another camp fire tonight and are heading off tomorrow.


  1. love the blogs ... keep them coming.!!

    1. Will do!!!! But, be careul what you wish for!

  2. Oh, so not only was he in a towel, he was from Logan too. You should know better than to speak to those types!! Look what happened when you spoke to ME!

    I'm sure Indie is going to be a very well known bus by the time you two are done!!


    1. You're right,I should have known better!!!!!!