Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Charting a Path to Charters Towers

Saturday18th August

We decided to do the loop round to Townsville via Charters Towers. There are a few free camps along the way.

We stopped at Ayr for extra provisions that we forgot at Home Hill (there is all ways something).

And then we drove on to (280) Reid River.

It was between the highway and the railway and there were lots of trains but we must be getting used to it because it does not seem to bother us anymore.
The amenities were clean but they really have gone overboard with the metal barriers. It must have cost them a fortune just in reflectors!
Sunday 19th August
We drove on to (283) Macrossan Park.
It was hot and sunny when we left and by the time we arrived it had cooled down considerably.
Later it rained!!!!! Our first rain since we left home.
It also got colder and colder until I was forced from my Indian frock into my old faithful tracky dacks and jumper.
It was not too bad and I spent the day outside under the awning listening to the pitter patter on the roof and knitting.
We are on the banks of the Burdekin River and can actually see glimpses of it. There is not a lot of water here. The Camp area is huge but the amenities are only so-so. One cold shower and no toilet paper!!!
Monday 20th August
We woke to blue skies and sunshine and it was warm again.  Ronnie and I went for a walk around the campsite and over to the railway bridge.  It turned out there were two! Who’da thunk? You could not tell from our camp.

We met a fellow who has been here about a week. He said he was sick of people asking if there were any crocks in the river so he bought a blow up one from the toy shop and put it in there.

There were people on the other bank digging up the river sand but they didn’t bother the bird life on our side.

It is quite pretty on the water but neither of us really like it here.

This opinion did not alter with the arrival of two caravans who decided to park right on top of us……talk about inconsiderate ignoramuses……there were heaps of spots available all around the camp and to top it off……they also decided that they would run a generator as well.  We knew this by the fact that they ran off to town and came back with a Jerry Can and unloaded the generator from the van.

Ron spent the afternoon reading and I did a painting of a Rainbow Lorikeet.

Tuesday 21st August

We drove to Charters Towers this morning. On the way, one of our cupboards (which I’m sure I had locked) flew open and all our crockery flew out. We lost one Corelle bowl and one Melamine bowl. Who would guess, the Corelle bowls were on special at Charters Towers Woolworths so we bought replacements and went for a walk around town.

  We booked into Charters Towers Tourist Park. It is small with lovely amenities; cost $28.00 per night and from 4.30 to 5.30 the Bush Poet, Neil McArthur performed in the camp Kitchen, B.Y.O drinks and nibbles. There were about a dozen of us there and he was very good. His jokes were a bit old but all his poems were ones he had written himself. He was very funny and quite entertaining.


  1. Loved the blog... keep up the good work.
    feel like Im on holidays with you.
    me and me dogs

  2. That parakeet is amazing,Pen. You could make some serious $$ if you put it up for sale. That goes for the strawberries as well. :D