Monday, 30 July 2012

We Are Away

Friday 27th July

We are off – like a bride’s nightie – like a bucket of prawns in the sun!!!! However you look at it, we are gone!!!!!

After one month to the day since we purchased Indy, we are finally escaping the gravitational pull of Bald Hills and beginning our travels for real.

Our good friends, Bob and Fran kindly said to us ‘Come and stay with us for a few days till you get everything finalised’. Rookie error. We ended up residing in their back room for three weeks (for which we shall be eternally grateful). We managed to get everything done that needed doing and a few extra things besides. Thank you, thank you sooooooooooo much.

We have travelled to Childers today and are camped 7 km north at (131) Apple Tree Creek Rest Area and are staying here tomorrow and Sunday for The Childers Festival –Savour It!

Saturday 28th July

A day of rest… last!!!! We went for a leisurely walk around and found a convenient little tea room and had a lovely Devonshire Tea….then it was back to camp and Ron read his book and I did some crocheting till the sun went down….beautiful and warm in the sun but that wind was cool.  We spoke to a few of our neighbours….they were all Tasmanians!!!!! Super friendly….life’s good!!!!

Sunday29th July

Went to the Festival……fabbo…..we parked at the High School and walked up.  There must have been well over 200 stalls, mainly clothes and food and heaps of free entertainment. 

We went to ‘The Palace’ which is now the Tourist Information centre, Art Gallery and Memorial to the Backpackers who died in that dreadful fire back in 2000.

At the gallery there was an amazing exhibition of dot paintings in 3D!!!!!!!! The artist, Roger ‘Bushfire’ Saunders was running a workshop and I did a small painting of a turtle and collected my 3D glasses so I can actually see it……it is really amazing!!!!!!!

I also bought a CD of traditional Chinese Music to do my Tai Chi with and of course splashed out on yummy food stuffs.

We’ve got to get out of here…….free camping has cost us a fortune!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Great to see you are on the road, travel safe and enjoy yourselves.



  2. 3D? I would have to see it to believe it!!


    1. Oh, you can believe is sooooooooo cool