Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Nearly Done!!!!

Well, all is just about ready.

Yesterday was our big day….At 1.00pm the Estate Agent rang and told us the buyer was coming at 2.30 for her ‘Pre-settlement inspection’….What the… first we had ever heard about it, but OK. At 1.00 the man came to take our old washing machine away. At about 1.30 the removalists came to pick up our boxes to take up to Townsville. My friend Linda arrived on the doorstep at 2.15 to take me for coffee, the buyer and Helen arrived for the inspection, and Steve came to mow the front lawns.  By the time they all left I felt so drained, I was exhausted. (In fact I am feeling tired now just writing about it!!!).

Everything is all done though as far as packing the bus etc. and tomorrow morning we sort of hit the road.  We are only going as far as Redcliffe because we are getting work done on the wiring and Brett needs the bus Thursday and Friday.  He is absolutely wonderful.  Then we have to come back and take it back to the people we bought it from (The Motorhome Conversion Co) next Tuesday to get some stuff fixed up.  I am sooooooooooo disappointed with that company and especially the salesman we dealt with and would not recommend them to anyone. I could do a five page tirade on them but won’t.

Finally we will be going out camping nearby for a few nights while we finalise settlement, arrange mail redirection, banking etc and sell the Starlet. And Ron wants to go to the Umpires AGM.

We are sleeping in the bus now and it is very comfy.  
Parked with The Big Rigs at Maccas

Brett took one look at the wiring and said "Looks like someone shot an octopus"
Note the quilt covers - I cut down the quilts and covers and re made them myself (after I bought the wrong size!!!!)
And of course there is room for a craft cupboard!!!!!!!!

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