Friday, 13 July 2012

Independence Day and Beyond!!!

Wednesday 4th July

After a mad rush to finalise packing, we took our bus down to show off to the Tai Chi ladies (very well received it was) and then we set off. We stayed at Bells Caravan Park, Clontarf overnight ($29.00) old but clean, lovely spot; we had a fab walk along the waterfront to the pier at Woody Point. We chose it mainly so we could get to Brett’s early although having access to power for the telly was a definite plus for Ronnie to watch State of Origin.

 I was a little concerned about the petty larceny (or should that be l-arse-eny) epidemic.

Thursday 5th July

We then came and stayed at Bob and Fran’s while we finish up some odds and sods, sort some paper work and fix up some bits and pieces and then we will finally be off. I can’t wait to get going; it is all feeling a bit anti-climactic at the moment. 

Brett has done an excellent job on the wiring.

Tuesday 10th July

Left Bob and Fran’s and travelled to (615) Heifer Creek a Rest Stop near Gatton – very pretty. We still haven’t actually left yet, this is just a short break. It’s where we came to practice putting up the tent when we first got it.  And of course, it is raining!!! It actually rained last time as well.  But dauntless we soldiered on….and this is the result:

Not really conducive to testing our Solar Capacity. And, after Ron got all set up for the telly we found out that we have no reception and no phone or internet either….

But, this is the view from our patio! (Feet up, glass of wine in hand)

We lasted a full two days just on battery.

Thursday 12th July

We have come back to the Gold Coast to re-charge (literally)and are staying at Gold Coast Holiday Park, Siganto Dr, Helensvale….top spot…..lovely facilities….wonderful staff…..$75.60 for two nights (10% discount for CMCA Members)….highly recommend!!!

Name Day

We have decided to name our bus ‘Indy’.  It has soooooooooooo many connotations to it…..Indigo Blue for his colour, Indiana Jones for his adventurous spirit, Indy racing – because if they ever had an Indy Race for buses I’m sure he would win, Independence, Indefatigable (after Horatio Hornblower’s ship) Indecisive (although that’s more me than him), Indiscriminate, Indescribable and many others that we haven’t even thought of yet!!!!!!!

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