Friday, 20 July 2012

Another Short Trip

Wednesday 18th July

As tired as you must be of hearing this, imagine how tired I am of writing it…..

We’re still here!!!!!!

Our grey water tank is getting fitted next Monday (a week later than expected) and then hopefully………

Tonight is the Cricket Umpires’ Annual General Meeting so we are off to that. Pre meeting drinks at the Breakfast Creek Hotel (can’t be all bad) and then the meeting.

Had a good time as per usual. Ron has put in an expression of interest to be the Statistician….can do it all on line and will give him something to do while we are on the road.

Thursday 19th July

Set off for Warwick for the Jazz and Jumpers in July festival and have stopped overnight at Allora in a free camping spot. It is a pretty little Rest Stop (747) just on the North side of town next to Dalrymple Creek. It is really lovely. A tad cool. The forecast is for a minimum of 4 degrees tonight and then a balmy 6 degrees tomorrow night.  Fran packed us off with a container of home-made biscuits and a jar of lemon butter (made by the Church ladies) so while we may freeze to death, at least we shan’t starve!!!!!


Our camp at Allora

 Friday 20th July

Set off to Warwick and ‘Jumpers and Jazz in July’ – where artists dress the deciduous trees in jumpers (to keep them warm). I love the quirkiness of it all. I bought a silver charm (a Saxophone – very jazzy – although I only come for the jumpers and don’t like jazz at all, not even a little bit!!!) to commemorate our visit.

Note my flash new glasses and the scarf I knitted to justify having a craft cupboard in ‘Indy’.

Drove to Nobby and another free camp spot(742) a Rest Area at Nobby opposite Rudds Hotel (not named for Kevin Rudd but Steele Rudd who wrote ‘On our Selection’ the Dad and Dave stories). Not the same lovely scenery as Allora but OK. Chatted to a couple from Tassie. Ron whipped up a sumptuous feast of bacon, egg, sausage and salad and he is now watching the footy while I write this.

Checked the weather forecast…..tonight’s low will be 2 degrees (brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr)!!!!
Can't wait till we head north!!!!!
May be a a call about our grey water tank.......did not get the right fittings....may be  Wednesday ..............will call us (grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr)!!!!


  1. Oh Bugger you still here? (I mean that in the nicest possible way!!!!!! Can understand your frustration of still being in SEQ.Those "itchy feet" must be almost scratched away. Hope this week sees you heading north. Keep up the blogs!!!!! Take Care xxxx Marjie

    1. Yes, our itchy feet are raw to the bone!!!!!