Monday, 30 July 2012

Top of the Range

Saturday 21st July

This not only refers to Indy but also our location.  Indy can race but does not like hills…a rather unfortunate trait considering our present location.

We left Nobby about 11.00am and drove up through Toowoomba to Ravensbourne Rest Area (487) another free spot.  It is right on the edge of Ravensbourne National Park and we walked from our camp up to the look out as soon as we arrived.  Splendid views….the camera does not do it justice!!!!

It was very cold and windy and since Saturday night is bath night, I figured it was time to christen the shower.

It was an experience to say the least……if only I was 2 foot shorter and 5 stone lighter!!! But the water was hot and plenty of it and it warmed me right through! I even washed my hair. It will be such a boon when we finally start travelling!!!!! Ron has used it as well and it is an even tighter squeeze for him but he loved it too.

Sunday22nd July

Left Ravensbourne and took a detour to Lake Cressbrook (485)….so pretty we decided to have brunch – bacon and egg sandwiches.

 It cost $2.50 to get in and the bar-b-ques were free. There was also a nice looking camping area for $7.90 per person per night.


 Ron cooked up our brunch and the magpies came in to sing for their supper!!!!

We drove back to Bob and Fran’s via Esk and through Toogoolawah and Kilcoy. At Kilcoy we stopped at Anzac Memorial Park (508) and used our first Public Dump Point.

 I had my first drive of Indy.

 Sunday night we went to Eaton’s Hill Hotel for dinner with Nelma and Basil. It is apparently the largest hotel in Australia and the food was to die for and the décor divine.

Monday 23rd July

We spent most of the morning at the bank because we could not access the Term Deposit on line.  We could see it was there somewhere but could not actually bring it up to display the details.  We spoke to two tellers and the manager, neither of whom could work out what or why and because their customer computer was down for maintenance, we couldn’t check anything there either.  We were packed off home with the internet teams phone number and wished ‘Good Luck’.  After about half and hour on the phone with them, it was discovered that when you bring up the account number you must double click on it and all will be revealed!!!!!!!

Tuesday 24th July

Tonight was out to the local Chinese with Bob and Fran….Yummo!!!!

Wednesday 25th July

A quick trip to the Gold Coast to Dometic to buy a new door for the fridge ($359.00). A bargain when you consider that a new fridge that size costs $1699.00!!!!!

Then it was off to RV Warehouse to get our grey water tank – FINALLY!!!!!!!! ($318.00) That included $30.00 for some do-hickey to tie the awning down when it is a bit windy.

Thursday 26th July

Sold the Starlet for $200.00 (less than the fridge door!!!!!!)  and went shopping for supplies for tomorrow we are heading out for real!!!!!!

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