Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Bus Day

Today’s the day and it’s raining *!@%$(^!

We caught the train up to The Motorhome Conversion Co at Slacks Creek and spent the next two hours checking the ins and outs of our new home! It is soooooooo beautiful. They gave us a gift pack with a water bottle, hat, step, hose fittings, grey water hose, fresh water hose, a Garmin navigator and most importantly a bottle of bubbly!!!!  We practiced putting an awning up and down (not ours because of the rain) but we are assured ours works the same way and they explained batteries and solar power and our heads are still spinning at 8.00pm this evening.  I have no photos because of the rain but there will be plenty when the sun comes out!!!!!

Ron manoeuvred his way out of the place and we battled the elements (and the traffic) up the highway to Carina and picked up a Solar Screen to help keep the heat and light out and then we drove home and looked longingly at our bus in the driveway hoping the rain subsides to tempest strength shortly so we can go and play!!!!

Stay tuned………


  1. Congratulations on taking charge of your life. Look out wide blue yonder... (well when the rain stops).... and off you go.
    Sooo excited for you both.
    When you settle down .. check out a new tv series called bunheads... I think you will like the humour.
    Cheers ros

    1. Thanks for your good wishes....will check out bunheads if our arial works in the middle of whoop-whoop

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  2. And the adventure begins!

    Thank you again for last night. It was fun! You will have to pass through regularly so we can do it all again.

    I am feeling quite hungover today, so those dam Mudshakes definately took their toll!!


  3. Just checking to see if my other blogger account can post today ...

    Looks like I can now ... HAHAHAHAAAAA!!!

  4. So, how was the first night sleeping in the bus?

    Was it all you hoped it would be?