Friday, 8 June 2012

Looking for bargains….in outer space!!!!!

Ron and I have been out and about this week with a trip to Brisie for The Caravan and Camping Show…..a bit of a fizzer really….we were all excited now that we are actually Motor Homers but it was just the same-oh, same-oh……not even a good enough special on the Webber Q bar-b-que to tempt Ronnie!!!!!

So today it was off to the movies to see PROMETHEUS ……not bad… fact very good. The visuals were pretty spectacular even though we did not see it in 3D and the best characters for me were David, the android who models himself on Peter O’Tooles characterisation of Lawrence of Arabia and Elizabeth Shaw (the missionary’s daughter). The others were good too but they shone. PROMETHEUS, in short is about a mission to space to discover what may be the origin of the human race. This mission doesn’t find what’s expected, and instead discovers something that could destroy life as we know it. It asks the big questions of God or Aliens creating humans but the main message I took from it was never trust a quietly spoken android (shades of Hal from 2001 A Space Odyssey).

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