Monday, 28 May 2012

Today we bought our new Life Style

Well, we drove (in the Starlet) all the way to Newcastle on Saturday to look at a Coaster.......We stayed at Stockton......tried the Caravan Park first...they had a cabin we could have for $165....

Using her amazing deductive powers, the woman in reception detected my total dismay as a look of abject horror crossed my face and directed us to the nearest motel....there we were informed we could have the 3 and a half star room (with a queen bed) for $115 or the three star room (with a double bed) for $105....we splurged!!!!! That night we caught the Ferry across the Hunter to town and the precinct described as 'a small Sydney Darling Harbour'. I think they were a little ambitious in the description....We counted five restaurants (one of them was Harry's Cafe de Wheels) and two bars......But we had a very nice pizza for dinner and then crashed out for the night...

Sunday morning we tootled off to see the was nice but overpriced and while it had everything that opened and shut, it had a heap of kilometres on the clock and although I could get into the front seat, there was no way I could stretch my legs out under the dash because of fuse boxes and other gear there. I would literally have had my knees up under my chin (almost touching in fact) a heavy heart, we travelled all the way back home and arrived back about 7:30ish......We did not speed because we counted no less than 28 Highway Patrol cars booking people (there and back)!!!!

Today we took a drive to 'Motorhome Conversions' at Springwood.......just to have a look.....famous last words!!!!

The charismatic, high pressure salesman saw us coming and told us they had a bus just come in, currently at the painters getting a touch up and took us to the painters to have a look and good old Poker Face Johnsen (as we know and love our Ronnie) bought it!!!! I managed to haggle a GPS and an extra house battery out of them so I was quite pleased.

And that's it!!!!

We now own a Motorhome which we will pick up around settlement time!!!!!!

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  1. WHAT !!! no pictures or great indepth description....
    shame on you .. building up my excitment like that and then leaving me in the dark.

    'But on a serious note ....congratulations.
    The universe approves and you will both be very happy with your new life style. I decree IT.
    Cheers me and me dogs.