Monday, 7 May 2012

And so it begins

I thought selling was tough!!! Huh!!!! Trying to decide where to start (let alone starting to sort out what to keep and what to chuck) now, that’s tough……

Ron got the stuff out of the roof today…stuff that I could not possibly part with….stuff that was soooooooooooooo precious……turns out I had forgotten I even owned half of it……..and I have not even set eyes on some of it for well over ten years!!!!!!

BUT, having said that, it was still a wrench after going through it again to turf it out……They were mainly papers and stuff… of my school report cards that said, ‘Penny is a charming and capable time waster’ along with several versions of ‘Penny would do better if she talked less’. There was lots of the boys stuff including Paul’s preschool folder of art work with a label on the front with name: Paul, age: 5, favourite food: KFC, favourite colour: blue, ambition: Army!!!!!!! (That blew me away)….a couple of my old Passport photos….my goodness I was good looking!!! And some stuff that I have snuck back inside till later……And yes, I know I have to be ruthless!!!!!


  1. Oh... no dont do it ... keep it all ..just get a bigger storage place. Just think if you come back in a year and decide to buy a house and settle down you will be just devastated if you dont have all that precious stuff.
    love from the wife of the
    greatest horder of them all

  2. Being a cap yes I can understand your delemer but yes you do have to be ruthless. I know that at the end of the day you will make the right decisions for you.

    1. The real decision is being made by the fact that I'm too tight to spend thousands a year on storage!!!!!!!