Saturday, 19 May 2012

Flying visits and the Dictator

Tucked up snug and warm in bed yesterday morning and Ron gets a message from the first born….he will be in Brisbane for about two hours between flights from Melbourne to Townsville if we want to visit. Off we charged, up the highway and into the fabbo new car park at the airport (mind you it costs - $22.00 for 3 hours!!!!).

We met Ben’s plane and in my usual fashion, I failed to recognise him until he was directly upon us.  He looks so good, really healthy and handsome.  Winning all those gold medals (six altogether) and a few coloured at ASSAM certainly agrees with him.  The shoots sounded like a lot of fun. Run a hundred metres in full body armour, webbing and helmet and then flinging oneself onto the ground and shooting seven plates or turning your body in all different directions to shoot through holes in a barrier or firing 12 pistol shots in nine seconds with a change of magazine in the middle just for good measure!!!! Things like that and of course the long distances up to around three hundred metres as well. Anyway we had a lovely catch up and strongly recommended he see ‘The Dictator’

Ron and I went to the movies on Thursday. We slummed it in economy class (instead of Gold Class) this time and saw The Dictator with Sasha Baron Cohen.  It was an absolute scream. 

I found this very apt description with which I wholeheartedly concur. ‘His latest character – the fascist, racist, sexist, homicidal and egotistical war criminal General Aladeen – dishes out jokes that centre on sexual abuse and genocide, among other things, all the while ensuring women and minority groups are belittled at every possible opportunity.’ All in the nicest possible way – really funny. I laughed out loud all through it.


  1. So good to catch up with your comings and goings ..Have been a little out of sorts myself so confess to not reading your blog for several days. Its kind of like missing your favorite soapie and being able to get 4 hits in a row,. cool. Glad things are on track with the sale... I am constantly keeping the universe in check for you... (you may send a token of your appreciation later)''
    cheers Kelpie girl.

  2. Hi Hi Kelpie Girl
    Thank you for looking after the universe for less thing on my 'To do' list!