Friday, 4 May 2012

The Brightonomicon

Here I am, fingers on keyboard, ready to update you with my latest ramblings, I mean news. Went to the doctor on Thursday and as anticipated, all is well. That’s it….news hour is now concluded.
I shall away to read my book ‘The Brightonomicon by Robert Rankin’.  I love it. It’s hard to describe but I did manage to find a quote from the internet that does it justice and with which I wholeheartedly agree:

"If you liked the lunacy of The Goon Show, outrageous running gags, names that rhyme, terrible poetry, and an often inspired and playful use of language, this will be right up your street."
Barbara Davies – STARBURST

This is apparently Book Eight in The Brentford Trilogy. Basically , the story goes  that there are, hidden in the streets of Brighton, twelve ancient constellations, like the Hangleton Hound and the Bevendean Bat and on each one hangs a tale, a tale so strange that only The Lad Himself, that inveterate spinner of tales and talker of the toot, Hugo Rune, can get to the bottom of. And he'd better do it quickly, because if he doesn't solve the dozen mysteries before the year is out, that'll be the end of the world as we know it.

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