Thursday, 28 November 2013

Tearing Off to Townsville via St George, Roma, Clermont, Mackay and Bowen

Sunday 10th November

We headed off early and didn’t even bother with breakfast. We decided to grab a bite in town. Sadly, the café was packed out and because there was a 20 minute wait for food, we just grabbed coffee to go and headed off.
We ended up stopping just over the border at Hebel General Store and grabbing a couple of fabulous home-made quiches. Yummo!!!!!!!
Then we stopped at St George for lunch. It was great to see the river being used.
From here, we powered on to Roma and went to the Showgrounds. The price was up by $1.00 to $12.00 for an unpowered site. At least it was a bit warmer than last May when we were here. Sadly, the amenities have deteriorated and at $29.00 for a powered site, it just wasn’t worth it.  
Monday 11th November
We continued on towards Townsville at a cracking pace. We both have doctor’s appointments soon.
There was quite a variety of scenery. We even saw camels grazing.

We stopped by a lovely little creek. It is very dry; there is not a lot of water in the creek but it was pretty.
 And I got to show off my Lightning Ridge frock!


We finally pulled into (428) Virgin rock Rest Area. There have been no major changes since we were here in May. So we set up and proceeded to relax. It was then that John and Georgina arrived and we had a wonderful time chatting and later they joined us for sundowners.

Tuesday 12th November

Last night, it rained; not a lot, just enough to make the black soil really sticky. I didn’t really equate the fact that my crocks almost got bogged on the way to the loo with the idea that Indie might follow suit on the way out. But he did!!!!!
Luckily, passing Good Samaritans, Arno and Gary stopped, lashed a snap strap to Indie and towed him out.


We were very glad to get out!

Then it was off again and we headed into Clermont and (424) Clermont Caravan Park. It was quite good, clean amenities and we had another storm that night.

Wednesday 13th November
We headed off this morning towards Mackay and stopped at the little town of Nebo for lunch. We picnicked by the river near the pub.
We drove on to Mackay and headed off to Seaforth another 40 odd kilometres further on.  There is a camping reserve there and it sounded great. Until we arrived. It cost $23.00 per night and was completely unpowered. So, feeling rather dejected we blundered around looking for another spot to stay. We searched for ‘Halidays Hideaway’ but it was so well hidden, we never did find it!
We finally discovered a little gem, Cape Hillsborough Nature Resort ($34.00). It is right at the beginning of Cape Hillsborough National Park and was beautiful. It had a pool and we went for a swim. There were kangaroos and possums and lots of birds. There were also several  bar-b-ques scattered around so we cooked our dinner there and dined al fresco.
It is right on the beach and you could hear the surf all night.

Thursday 14th November
Next stop blowin’ Bowen.
We are determined to get our fill of Coffin Bay Oysters this time and of course a feast of prawns as well.
But before we even get into town we have to make a quick stop at the Big Mango for my hit of frozen mango. It is sooooooooo delicious!
We stayed at Harbour Lights Caravan Park ($34.00) again and we were able to get the oysters and prawns so we had a great time.
We walked along the water front after dinner and there was hardly any breeze at all this time!!!
Friday 15th November
This morning we drove through Home Hill, stopped at Ayr for coffee and arrived in Townsville by lunchtime.





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  1. Well, you and Ronnie did it. Once around the block. AWESOME!! :D