Sunday, 3 November 2013

Not Partial to Pemberton But Loving Northcliffe’s Understory

Sunday 13th October

It is lovely and sunny as we head off towards Pemberton. Our first stop is Beedelup National Park. We decided to go for a walk to the falls. The track begins really well, with a paved footpath and lovely timber boardwalks beside the creek and across it at the top of the falls


Then it goes downhill, literally and figuratively, to a suspension bridge over the lower part of the falls which was quite scary. With gritted teeth and steely determination, I made it to the other side (as did several small children in the family group following us!)
Having emerged unscathed from this part of our adventure, we decided to do the 2.4 kilometre loop to the Walk Through Tree.

This track was a lot rougher than the waterfall walk and there were sections where it was clear that the Rangers had not been with their chainsaws for quite some time.

It was a fairly tough walk.
After trekking up hill and down dale for what we considered an inordinately long time, we at one stage thought this might be The Walk Through Tree.
. We pressed on regardless and finally our efforts were rewarded.

From here we drove into Pemberton, arriving around noon. We headed to the Tourist Info Centre and the lady was very helpful and loaded us up with colour glossy brochures of things to do and see.
We decided on lunch first. I had a craving for a toasted ham, cheese and tomato sandwich. We went and bought a few groceries first and as we pulled up there was a strong smell of diesel and I noticed we had left behind a puddle on the road. Further investigation revealed a definite leak. We headed off to the local garage and the mechanic was there working on a friend’s car. He told us to come back Monday at 10.00am and he could have a proper look then.
We were not best pleased but what can you do? We were feeling a little despondent, to say the least, especially since we had just had the Solar Controller fixed and now this!
We went to the only café in town that was opened on a Sunday in search of a toasted sandwich. A woman at the counter was placing an order that was taking several minutes for the waiter to write up so I asked a waitress if they did indeed sell toasted sandwiches. She assured me they did so I waited my turn and finally they were ready to take my order. ‘Oh no, we don’t do toasted sandwiches’ I was told.
We walked across the road to the Bakery and on enquiring as to the availability of a toasted sandwich, I was told ‘Sorry, we have run out of bread’. Honestly, a Bakery without bread at 1.30pm?
 After much wailing and gnashing of teeth, we went back to Indie and had a salad for lunch.
 Then we headed off to Gloucester National Park, home of the famous Gloucester Tree, another climbing tree that neither of us climbed.
We did however, go for a short walk through the surrounding bush and then headed to the Pemberton Caravan Park ($30.00).
Monday 14th October
We dutifully arrived at the service station at 10.00am and were told that the mechanic was really busy and he was about to have smoko but would probably get to us in an hour or so. We said we did not want to hang around and would probably go for a drive around the area while we were waiting. They said they would give us a ring as soon as he was ready.
We promptly got on the internet and looked up mechanics in Manjimup. (Manjimup, where we were a week ago, is only about 30 kilometres away.) Manjimup Toyota said they could have a look at 1.00pm and fix it straight away or if it was a bigger job, they could do it tomorrow. Done!
We headed off to Manjimup stopping for morning tea at the Lavender and Berry Farm. We had Lavender Scone with Honey and Cream and Blueberry Muffin with Berry Jam and Cream and Coffees. Yummo!!!!
We arrived in Manjimup, dropped Indie off at the mechanics and went for a walk up around town. We ended up in The Timber and Heritage Park with its replica of One Tree Bridge.

Indie was all fixed by 3.00 pm. A copper washer on the fuel line was split so they replaced it. Total Cost $136.00 of which $2.68 was for parts!!!!
We don’t care. Indie is all better and we are still waiting for the mechanic in Pemberton to finish his smoko and give us a ring!!!
We are staying at Manjimup Central Caravan Park ($28.00) again tonight.
Tuesday 15th October
It was mid-morning before we headed off, but Indie is all better, he is full of drinking water and we got the gas bottle refilled this morning as well.
We drove straight through Pemberton and made rude gestures as we drove past the service station.
Then we stopped at The Cascades.

From there, we drove to Northcliffe. I was very keen to see ‘Understory’ a 1.2 km walking trail through the bush with site-specific artworks by over twenty different visual artists. Writers and musicians also spend time in the area gaining inspiration for their works. We were not disappointed!
Entry fee even included hire of an audio player so that you could listen to the artists share their stories of inspiration and the process of making the sculptures.

They were fun, they were whimsical; and they all had their own special appeal.

Some were huge and some were tiny.

The estimated weight of this ring which is made from steel, karri sticks and wire is about one tonne!
The themes the artists were asked to consider included:
Spirituality - sacredness, sanctuary, forest as a cathedral, meditation, mystery……Creativity – fertility, energy, life cycles, renewal, playfulness, beauty, inspiration…..History- geological, ecological, and human….Dichotomy – contrasts of nature (light and dark, growth and decay), diversity, paradox, dynamism…..Sensory – the sights, sounds, smells, tastes and touch of the forest…..
We really enjoyed ‘Understory’.
From here, we drove south to Point D’Entrecasteux. We walked around the lighthouse (which is really more of a beacon) where we saw more stunning and rugged coastal scenery.

But by far the most spectacular was ‘The Window Lookout’
(Looks like a map of Africa!)

We drove on to (115) Mt Burnside Rest Area and camped up for the night. It was just gorgeous and so good to be in a free spot again!

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