Sunday, 5 October 2014

Living It Up Near Laidley

Living It Up Near Laidley

Thursday 2nd  October 2014
It is 1.00am and I am feeling quite cold. The weather has been very warm today                                         ......high 20’s to low 30’s.

Ronnie ran off to his Cricket Meeting tonight at ‘The Gabba’ but was home again by 9.30pm.
Later today, we are off to Lake Dyer near Laidley. I am sooooo looking forward to it. Ronnie has packed Indie and we are ready to go! We just need our personal belongings.
‘On the road again, I can’t wait to get on the road again’.

So, here I am, loading myself into Indie for our 90km road trip to Laidley and its environs i.e. Lake Dyer!!! 

We did NOT book – we NEVER do!!!!
Bad move Australia!!!!
Booked out!!
School Holidays and a Long Weekend!!!

But the caretaker directed us to a lovely FREE spot just 2.3km out of town. It is beside a little creek and walking paths which we will explore (possibly) tomorrow!!!

Very pretty indeed!!!!!

‘Hit the road Jack and don’t you come back no more, no more, no more, no more
Hit the road Jack and don’t you come back no more.
Old woman, old woman don’t treat me this a way
You don’t treat me this a way since I said I was gay!!!! (not the right words………….. but they fit!!!) 

Anyway, we arrived at the designated free spot and set up camp only to find that we had no pillows, no butter and a few other sundries that were missing as well. Ron was appointed chief scout and missing items procurer while I was tasked with throwing myself over the picnic table next to which we had parked in case any late comers tried to take up residency.
As it turned out, our only visitors were John (his wife Meryll had locked herself in their van) who stopped by for a chat and invited us over for sundowners. And what a pleasant time it was. Most enjoyable!!!

After that, Ronnie and I went home to Indie, enjoyed a lovely repast of home-made hot dogs with coleslaw and bacon and then retired to watch a DVD of ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’.
Sadly, I slept through most of it. I have, however, decided that since I thoroughly enjoyed what I had seen, I will watch it again later. At a time when Ron is NOT home!!!! (Just to take full advantage!!!)

Friday 3rd October 2014

Ron and I decided to sally forth to town, have coffee and lunch, a bit of a squiz about and then a leisurely walk back. All in all……about 4.5km. Not far, nice and flat et al. Anyway…..the best laid plans of mice and men etc…….Mr Have-a-Chat…..i.e. John lobbed on our door step to ask if we would keep an eye on his solar panels. (Apparently this is why Meryll locks herself in the van – or so I found out last night. He is all about solar and batteries etc. Really very nice and so is she.) Anyway, long story short, we said ‘Sorry no can do. We are off to town ourselves.’ He did apologise and offer us a lift but we could not all fit because his 4WD was full of stuff.

So we ended up walking anyway!!!!
And it was fabulous!!! Ab. Fab. in fact.
We arrived in town with me sporting my new overalls.
Very fetching (not as in fetch a bucket but fetching none the less).

The markets were on so I bought two new tops – very beautiful and Ron grabbed himself a nice new hat as well – very dapper we both were. Then we went scrounging about for food and settled on what were possibly the worst pies and milkshakes ever but we were so hungry by then that we not care even a little bit. We managed to bump into John and Meryll a couple of times and Meryll bought two shirts the same as mine (but mine are sooooo much better – of course – hardly worth a mention really!!!) 

Then it was back to camp for a quiet afternoon of felting by the creek and of course a visit from John who gave Ron a couple of books to read. 

Ron had told John that I was sick but we never told him what I had and it was killing him not to know!!! So that was a bit of fun!!! I really am quite evil…..I haven’t lost it at all!!!

Anywho……it was back over to John and Meryll’s for Sundowners and a bit of a chat then dinner (spag boll on toast….yummo!) Ronnie can still cook – especially now he has all the ingredients – and pillows!!! Lol.

After dinner we retired to watch telly. John lent us a cable (Ron had taken the old one out of the bus when we bought our house and not put it back!) Sadly the TV did not work so we watched an old Alfred Hitchcock DVD ‘The Lady Vanishes’. I loved it!! Ron slept through most of it (talk about role reversal!!) But it was good!!!

Saturday 4th October 2014

‘Woke up this morning half asleep
With all my bedclothes in a heap
And yellow roses scattered all around me.’
It is very overcast and quite nasty looking weather wise. We are a bit glad to be leaving actually. Mother duck and a tribe of babies came to say goodbye and I had a phone call from my good friend Linda inviting me to a knitting group up on Mt Tambourine at about 1.00pm. So that fitted in well…..until we tried to start the bus!!!! 

We had taken our mug shots of John and Meryll and tried leaving but the only sound emanating from Indie was a deafening click, click, click of either a dead starter motor or dead batteries. Either way, it did not auger well!!!!

John said ‘Not to worry, I’ll tow you out…..’ and being an honest man…..did just that!

We were home within the hour and Linda and I had a lovely afternoon with the Knitting Circle Ladies up on the mountain!!!!

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  1. Glad to hear you're back on the road!! You always seem to have an adventure. Hope to join you soon. lots of love