Monday, 1 April 2013

Onward to Orange

Monday 25th March

With Dubbo behind us, we drove on through Wellington and Molong and arrived at Peter’s (Ron’s brother) house just after 1:30 in the afternoon.

The weather remains absolutely divine. The days are sunny and quite warm with cool nights. We have had the doonas on a couple of times but it is not really cold yet.

We had a lovely time and caught up on all the goss

I was going to take a photo of Peter for my blog but he immediately produced this one from his recent holiday to Geraldton (W.A.) and insisted I use it.  What a show off…..and he didn’t even smuggle any of it back for us in his hand luggage!!!!!!
We finally went to bed (a real bed, in a real house) just on midnight.
Tuesday 26th March

We all went into town this morning and we took Indie down and got his batteries checked. We are still not getting to stay out for as long as we used to and it has been suggested by a few people that one battery may be no good and therefore making the others not work properly either. Any way we were told that one looks crook so we have disconnected it and trying it out to see how we go.

Ronnie cooked his splendid lasagne which also received very approving and longing looks from Elle the dog and Jasper the cat.


Later, Scott called by for a quick visit and we are going to his house tomorrow night for dinner.

Wednesday 27th March

Ronnie got up early this morning and drove Peter to work so we could have the car for the day. We took the opportunity to drive up to Mt Conobolas which is in fact the highest point in a line between Sydney and Perth.


It was a bit cool way up there and very hazy.

Orange is just starting to put on all its Autumn colours and is looking very beautiful.

Speaking of beautiful colours, I finished my beanie today which of course does not suit me even a little bit. I don’t know what possessed me to make it in the first place. I thought the vertical rather than horizontal stripes were really interesting but I have never been able to wear a beanie….

But it looks great on Ron so he has claimed it for his own! 

Just as well he is macho enough to wear pink (and purple and green and yellow and red and blue etc)!


We went over to Scott’s place for dinner and Meagan made a delicious Butter Chicken with all the extras….yummo! Being a school night, Olivia, Sophie, Julia and Nicholas were all in bed despite the excitement of our visit and their impending Easter camping trip before I remembered photos but we did get a lovely one of Scott. It is always a lovely time with them. It’s just “the vibe of the thing”.   


Thursday 28th March

Peter left us the car again so off we went to town again.

We came across a great little Indian shop and I spotted a long pair of fisherman’s pants for Ronnie. They were $25.00 (bargain) and as I went to pay for them, we spotted a pulled thread in the bottom of one leg so the sales girl asked if $15.00 would be OK. Not one to argue in such a case, I thanked her very much and promptly walked out with quite a bargain.  

Later, I bought another charm for my bracelet. This time I got a little aeroplane which I thought was rather appropriate for Orange because Peter is right into model aeroplanes and has been for a million years. I took it (and the giraffe I bought in Dubbo) to a jeweller who promised they would be attached and the bracelet cleaned and ready to pick up at 3.45. (which was the time we would be going to pick Peter up from work). We went home and duly arrived at 3.45 and by 4.00pm were informed that if we came back after we picked Peter up at 5.00 that it would definitely be ready to pick up then. We dutifully did as instructed and the charms had been attached to the bracelet as promised but unfortunately they did not promise that they would be attached the right way round so the aeroplane is on backwards……fair dinkum….it’s not brain surgery…’s attaching a charm to a bracelet for goodness sake!!!!!!! Now, I have to go back Saturday morning to have it fixed up.

My stress levels decreased radically over the next few hours as we went to dinner at the best Chinese Restaurant in Orange with Peter’s friends Dave, Gary and Julie. They were all such good fun and the meal was great.

Friday 29th March (Good Friday)

Ronnie and I are having a quiet day at home. Peter has gone visiting friends and Ronnie has been head down, bottom up checking batteries. It looks like we have had some success in identifying the rogue battery and we are getting better results now from two than we were previously on three!!!!

Saturday 30th March

I went back to the jewellers today and picked up my bracelet. It does look really beautiful, all shiny and bright (and an aeroplane flying the right way round!).  

Ron has been scanning the Real Estate magazines looking for a base for us to live.  We have found quite a few places so far in our travels.  We can afford Orange but it is toooooooooo cold.
Sunday 31st March
Today, the Easer Bunny came….yummo!! Of course, he left more goodies for some than others……case in point…..this little fella who can’t even eat chocolate yet!!!!!!!

I did fare well also, scoring one white chocolate bunny and one dark chocolate bunny….hmmmm….where to start?


Monday 1st April
All day yesterday and half the night  last night with the pains in my shoulder and arm killing me I opted for the drug cabinet again…..I did learn that two tablets was not enough but four was too many and slept through till lunch time today. But I did wake up pain free. Ronnie was a bit concerned as I was not snoring so he poked me a few times to make sure I was breathing.

Peter was playing with his toy helicopter and driving Elle to distraction.

Then we went out to the Model Air Field and watched them flying for a while.
The views from the flying field are amazing. Peter flew one of his friend’s planes.
Tonight we went out to dinner and then called around to see Scott and his family and hear about their fabulous camping holiday before we leave in the morning.
On our return home, we discovered that Elle had stolen and eaten what was left of my bunnies. She did look very remorseful although that may have just been a tummy ache because after a very stern talking to from Peter she took herself off to bed and stayed there for the rest of the night!!!

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