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Batemans Bay Bound

Tuesday 2nd April

We bade a fond farewell to Orange and following Scott’s advice headed off towards Batemans Bay via Blayney, Crookwell, Goulburn and Braidwood. You’ll love it he said, beautiful scenery he said, a little bit of dirt he said, good dirt he said. Never trust anyone who drives a four wheel drive vehicle….their idea of good dirt is very different from that of a Toaster driver’s idea of good dirt!!!!!! Well…..I can’t really back that up, it was pretty good dirt, there was a bit though that had lots of dreadful corrugations and I thought bits might drop off Indie (mind you, I thought bits might drop off me a couple of times too!!!) …….But he was right about the scenery….it  was beautiful.


Just outside Crookwell, we stopped at the wind farm.



From there we continued on through Goulburn and stopped 14km north of Braidwood at (696) Warri Camping Reserve right on the Shoalhaven River. It was a really nice spot, very popular.


We parked Indie under the trees and then we noticed that lots of the trees had these metal cut-outs of different shapes and animals in them. They were quite high up so the artists who made them were not only talented but quite agile. I loved them, they were just so quirky and gave the whole campsite such a lift, it made you feel happy just looking at them. I love art when it is fun!!


 We had the red owl next to Indie and the butterfly behind us.

The rest were just scattered hither and yon all around the site.


We chatted with the neighbours. Dennis and Myra had been there since Easter and were telling us that there were about 27 vans and motorhomes there at one stage during that time. Dennis also told us about how one lady, camping on her own in a little bus woke to find her battery had gone to God during the night so they drove her into Braidwood, got a new one and sent her on her way.

Later, I curtailed my sun downer activities in order to watch the real sundown. It was absolutely gorgeous.

After these few long distance shots, I decided to try a different angle…..


Then it was back to Indie for another of Ronnie’s sumptuous suppers before retiring to watch a bit of (pre-recorded) telly.

 Wednesday 3rd April

Much excitement in the camp this morning as we got ready to go on to Batemans Bay. Paul’s girlfriend Katie is deploying next Tuesday so Paul is going with her to visit her family in Narooma and we are to meet them in Batemans Bay for lunch.

First stop though was historic Braidwood, a lovely town with gorgeous old buildings….and it turns out, the best bakery. We bought coffee and focaccias with herbs and anchovies….yummo!!!!!!


Then off we went to Batemans Bay. We met up with Paul and Katie and had a nice lunch at Hogs Breath Café. We walked along the waterfront and spent the best part of the day together. It was fabulous to catch up even though Ron and I will be flying up to Darwin at the end of the month to see Paul off when he leaves on his deployment.  Ron’s beanie was a big hit (although Paul looked a little embarrassed) and even a passing pedestrian called out ‘I want one!’


Afterwards, they went off to Narooma and we drove on a further 20 kms south to (616) Waldrons Swap Rest Area.

As we arrived, we saw a few other vehicles around and there was a 4WD truck parked next to the bar-b-que area that would not be able to get out in the morning past our awning (which we had now pegged securely to the ground). John, the owner assured us that it posed no problem as he had a chain saw. We in turn assured him that a simple tap on our door would be enough to alert us and we would let him out….crisis averted. Now that we were friends we decided it was sun downers time. As we sat chatting we were joined by several other happy campers and it turned out that Sandie (the lady with the red sleeves) was the lady with the dead battery at Warri (where we camped the night before).


After much drinking and chatting, Sandie invited me to go with her tomorrow back to Mogo for a girl’s day out. Ronnie could stay behind and guard the campsite.

John, our new friend came over and gave us a single serve portion of curry and rice that his wife had packed for him but he was unable to eat so we had it as a side dish with our chops.

Thursday 4th  April
Mogo is a pretty little town (very hippy-yippy) with lots of lovely craft shops and interesting boutiques and stuff.  


We set off at about 9:00am and had morning tea and lunch. I bought Ronnie a telescopic back scratcher and a little dream catcher for me. We bought afternoon tea and took some back for Ron. We got back about 4:00pm and Ron was all alone in the camp.

Apparently a van similar to Sandie’s had pulled in and Ron, thinking it was us, jumped up waving wildly and they drove straight out again never to return! 

Sandie and I had a rousing game of Scrabble (which I won of course!)


Word must have gotten out that it was safe to come to our campsite because it started to fill up again. Ronnie built a fabbo camp fire in the bar-b-que pit and we gathered another throng of happy campers including the lovely Yvette (she especially liked Ron’s beanie).

Friday 5th April

We were up early said goodbye to everyone and headed off to check out some of the nearby bays and beaches. Our first stop was South Broulee Beach, very pretty, and who should we see but Yvette from last night!

She had been for a swim and told us it was quite cold and she had had to do lots of exercises first and imagine herself full of heat and energy otherwise she is a real woos and would not go in at all. (She was a pretty good artist too.)

Then we drove to North Broulee Beach.


From there we went in search of a camp for the night. After a few more bays and headlands, we ended up in Bodalla Forest Park, a beautiful free spot in the forest by the lake. We went for a 2km bush walk circuit around the lake.


It was a fabulous site and we built another camp fire. Two fires in two nights!!!!! Everywhere we stop we always check out the other vehicles to see whose is the best and tonight we won hands down!

Paul rang to let us know he had to drive Katie back to Narooma because her Grand Father had had a bad turn so we invited them over for a cuppa.

Sadly he passed away that night.
Saturday 6th April
Paul came back this morning on his way back to Sydney and we met up at Moruya and went for a walk around the markets. The markets are in the park right beside the river. It is a pretty little town with lovely wood carvings in the main street. We went and had lunch at a little café and then Ron and I headed off towards Nowra.


As we were driving through Moruya we saw Yvette yet again.

We headed further south to Tuross Heads before swinging back through Moruya and Batemans Bay. We finally stopped at (611) Kioloa Beach Holiday Park (our first powered site since we left Orange!!!!)


Our spot was close enough to hear (but not to see) the surf and we had a little Willy Wag Tail come and visit. There were lots of lorikeets as well.


Sunday 7th April
We got up early and went for a walk along the beach and out to the headland.


  Along the rocks we came across a rescue buoy so Ron had a practice just in case he was needed.


Then we headed off towards Nowra via Ulladulla. We did a few side trips out to more various bays and headlands. We were due at John and Ros’ house on Monday so rather than have to amend our booking date, we decided to camp in Nowra for the night and go out to their house in the morning. Besides we might have to extend our departure date depending on availability of accommodation at The Fibro Majestic in Sydney (Annette and Guys). He he he!

We ended up staying at (596) Shoalhaven Zoo. It cost $10.00 per person and an extra $2.00 for power.

What a lovely spot – right on the banks of the Shoalhaven River. We did not go to the little zoo itself, just camped on the grassy knoll.
As we were watching telly later that night, our bus began to rock from side to side. We could not hear any wind and it was hardly likely to be another earthquake. That only left one other alternative – we must be under attack by several heavily armed mass murderers. With this in mind, I leapt out the front door closely followed by Ron. We looked about for suspects and could see none……until we spotted an errant wombat!!!!!! He had apparently (which is quite common) decided to scratch his back on the underneath of Indie. Upon realising that he had been discovered he fled to his burrow leaving us with no evidence of his nocturnal visit!
Just another interesting experience to add to our ever growing list!





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