Monday, 4 March 2013

Coming to The Coast

Friday 22nd February

As planned, we have headed off down the coast via the Auto Electrician, Julien. Again, Ashleigh has kindly lent us his car and rather than spend the day in another shopping centre (as we did yesterday), we have decided to put it to good use by visiting Ron’s sister Lynn and brother-in-law, Ron at Robina. Well, we drove down there but they weren’t receiving ‘till later in the day so we went and checked the cinema (to no avail)…..we just can’t find anything that appeals at the moment.

We checked out a few shops and while we were walking around we got a phone call from Julien……our little hearts sank…..but wait for it…..his opening line was ‘I’ve got good news’….people working on vehicles never say things like that…..Turns out all we need to do is buy a new reversing camera and plug it in!!!!! All fixed…..we don’t need to rewire Indie completely after all!!!!

Things are looking up!!!!

So we drove back up to the mechanic, gave Ashleigh back his car and took Indie to Robina. Now, there’s an adventure! We almost lapped the shopping centre trying to find an entrance with a height clearance greater than two inches (again to no avail) and finally spotted a vacant lot. There were no signs to indicate otherwise so we parked there in the hope that the parking police would not walk that far in the rain and council would not have a tow truck big enough to tow us away.

We met up with Lynn and Ron and found out that had we persevered, there was ample open air parking about another 500 metres down the road and around two corners.

We had lunch at ‘The Shingle Inn’…..very nice. They are off on a cruise next week so we had a good old chin wag, showed off the photos of the baby Xander, caught up on their news and  then it was off up to Helensvale where we have booked in to Gold Coast Holiday Park for the next eight days.  

On the way up the highway we got a call from my friend, MacGoo inviting us for dinner. We did a quick trip to Helensvale shops (our old stomping ground) to pick up our groceries for the next eight days, and some desert and wine for dinner. Oh yes, and a new television!!

Our old TV has been unwell for some time and Dick Smith had a little one on sale that has everything that we need. It is so hard to buy a small TV… get a huge TV for twopence but a small one will usually cost the earth!!!!
Anyway, we went and booked into the caravan park and then drove straight out again to MacGoos. MacGoo and PJ have the loveliest house on an acre of land and so we sat out on the back deck eating nibbles and drinking copious quantities of wine and beer. 

Her daughter and grandchildren were there and she invited another of our friends, Margret and her friend Graham and it was a wonderful evening almost a party!!!!  

We didn’t get back home till after 10 o’clock, definitely not the best time to be reversing into squibby little caravan sites…..but Ronnie did his usual fabulous job and we were safely tucked up in our little beds within minutes.

Saturday 23rd February
One of the main reasons we decided to stay here is that it is nice and close to most people we know and although we received several kind offers to park Indie in various back and front yards – thank you soooooooooo much – we figured we did not want to be ploughing up lawns and trying to manoeuvre round suburban streets if we didn’t have to and our friends could easily come here.

Marjie did just that this morning. She said she didn’t have a lot of news but would bring what she had and so arrived mid morning just in time for coffee.

There is a really nice little café in the caravan park by the pool and they do make a lovely coffee so we used it to good advantage.

We chatted for a good long while before she had to leave… was great to catch up in person (email is nice but person is better – you get real hugs!!)
Later in the afternoon, Ronnie and I walked up the road to buy some vegies from the local supermarket only to find it had closed down. Not to be out done, we bought coleslaw and mashed potato and gravy from K.F.C. (yes, I know they are not real vegetables but they tasted good with our chops and sausages!!!)
Sunday 24th February
For months before we left on our adventure, TV shows about traveling and caravanning around Australia always showed Caravan Parks where they did free pancake breakfasts and the like.  We have never come across one…..until now!!!!
So, we stood in the queue for our two pancakes with lashings of Maple Syrup. They were quite delicious.

Later in the afternoon, I walked to my friend Trish’s house

When we went on our quest for vegies on Saturday, we discovered a walkway under the six lanes of highway next to our caravan park which in turn popped up on the roundabout next to Trish’s house… fortuitous I thought! So off I went. It only took 20 minutes and it was a surprisingly pleasant walk.

After a couple of glasses of wine and a good old natter, she drove me back home and stayed for one of Ronnie’s fabulous curries.

Monday 25th February

We were up early and off to the dentist to drop off Ron’s tooth for reattachment. We had to come back later to pick it up so we decided to kill some time by going to the movies.

We went and saw Arnie’s new movie “Last Stand”. It was pretty predictable and a little bit corny but it was exactly what we expected and therefore did not disappoint. (I really do love Arnold Schwarzenegger movies)!!!!  

We left there and drove across to Ashmore to see our friend Donna. Long story short, Ron ordered some fisherman pants on line and they got inadvertently delivered to our old address in Helensvale and Donna kindly picked them up for us and we arranged to call by her work and get them. It was lovely to see her and catch up on the goss but a bit sad that we missed hubby, Baz. Next time!!!!

I called in at the Library and checked out how to borrow e-books to download on Ron’s reader.  Oh, the best laid plans etc. Ron’s reader broke and he has been on to the company about it so stay tuned!!!!

Tuesday 26th February

Trish called by this morning and picked me up and we went to Yoga. It was nice to see all the old faces again and I also got to say a quick hello to some of the folk from the Art group I used to go to as well.

We then headed off for coffee and some quick shopping before she dropped me back about one thirty.

Cheryee called by at five thirty and we all went for dinner to a lovely Thai restaurant the name of which I can never remember but I know how to get there and that’s all that matters. The food is divine and very inexpensive. We came back here for coffee only to find our lovely little café closes when business gets slow (so we missed it by 10 minutes). We showed ‘em though, we made our own and sat out on our patio.

We retired to watch some ‘Coupling’ an old BBC comedy series that we got from Christina. Did I mention before that we have no reception on our lovely new TV? We really need a better aerial, but at least we can watch DVDs etc.

Wednesday 27th February

There is the tiniest patch of blue sky this morning and a little bit of sun trying sooooo hard to shine through.

Did a bit of washing in the vain hope of some more sunshine and spent the rest of the day doing nothing. We watched a couple of DVDs and did a bit of reading and it was wonderful.

 Thursday 28th February

The lovely Carole and hubby, Graham came for a visit this morning bearing gifts of home-made bickies – yummo!!!!. We availed ourselves of the facilities here and had a nice cuppa at the Café by the pool and swapped lots of travel stories (they have been all over the place in their caravan).

They are even hoping to get away later this year and head up to Darwin as well.

As directed by Kobo, I posted off Ron’s e-reader to Melbourne today with the promise it will be replaced.

Later that evening, Trish popped by again and we went to the Chinese Restaurant at Helensvale this time. It was wonderful…fabulous food...good wine…good company... what more do you need?

Friday 1st March

Tonight was Cheryee’s turn again. This time it was Fasta Pasta at Harbour Town and then off to Zarraffa’s Coffee Shop (we weren’t going to chance the Café at the Caravan Park again).

After dinner, we packed up as much as we could in anticipation of departing in the morning back up to Christina’s for her birthday party.

We have just had the loveliest time this last week or so (despite the lousiest weather) catching up with as many of our friends as we possibly could.

Except for missing the friends we have left behind, we have absolutely no regrets about leaving here and changing our lifestyle completely. It is a wonderful time we are having and while ‘it’s a nice place to visit; I wouldn’t want to live here’! (lol).


Saturday 2nd March

We headed off in the pouring rain towards Brisbane. We took a short detour to the local shops to buy two new umbrellas (our old ones have gone to God – probably worn out from over use).

From there we took our old TV to the tip. On the way we got a call from the caravan park asking if we were gone yet. They had their boom gate (which usually requires a code) set to open automatically hence they missed our departure…..hope they miss charging us for an extra day!!!!!!!!

We called in on the way to see our friend Kathleen (sadly, hubby Richard was out at work – next time!)

Kathleen filled us full of her delicious home-made soup and we had a good old gas bag about everything.

They live in one of those ‘over 50’s resorts’ and without a lie it is the best one we have ever seen. It has absolutely everything that opens and shuts and they are loving it.
We arrived at Christina’s Birthday Party at 2.15 (my customary 15 minutes early) only to find out it started at 2.00pm not 2.30pm. But I had arrived clutching a bottle of wine so all was forgiven.
We had a great time. Christina’s friend Dee, from Sydney is a Nutrimetics consultant so she hosted the party and we had a ball. All Christina’s friends are as mad as we are so it was a bit out of control. David, Sam and Ron hid out in the kitchen and kept the food and Champas flowing, although, I suspect they drank as much as they served!

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