Friday, 8 March 2013

Back in Brisbane

Sunday 3rd March

We sat down to a sumptuous breakfast of pancakes with maple syrup and bacon (actually it was a bit late to be breakfast…in fact it only just made it to brunch!).

The rest of the day was spent chatting until Christina drove Dee to the airport. Later we perched in front of the TV trying to find anything at all to watch…..failed miserably and so I fell asleep on the lounge. It was nice to be lazy and the weather was quite conducive to such activity or should I say inactivity.

Monday 4th March

We had a quiet day today. The sun came out for a while. We have started to get ready to leave and go back up to Newmarket. I rang to get an appointment with my old doctor, Gillian, only to be told she retired last December!!!! All my aches and pains are still around so I’ll see David (my back up doctor).

The only time I could get was 1.45pm on Thursday, the same time as Ronnie’s eye appointment.

David packed us up with lots of left over bacon and Ronnie posted a thank you on facebook to the staff at the ‘Watt hotel/motel, Rochedale South’.

Tuesday 5th March

We drove back to Newmarket Gardens Caravan Park (our home away from home). This is our 3rd visit in as many weeks! We even got our original site back!

After a quick trip across the road for supplies, we settled down to the hard work of relaxation.

I swapped over my old books for new at the ‘library’ and started ‘City of Bones’ by Michael Connelly – yet another murder to be solved by New York’s finest.

Wednesday 6th March

Yet another miserable, rainy day in ‘sunny’ Brisbane has dawned but Ronnie has more than compensated for this sad state of affairs by cooking up some of David’s lovely bacon.


The lady next door has gone out for the day leaving her TV on just loud enough to be annoying if you sit outside under the awning (my favourite spot) but, not to be put off, I have retired to the great indoors and watched the second half of The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. What a wonderful way to waste a day!!!!!

Thursday 7th March

We left early this morning and drove up to Brookside Shopping Centre. It is midway between our two doctors so we can park there and walk (because the parking is atrocious anywhere near either doctor’s).  

Ron wanted to get a couple of T Shirts in Target as well. Of course the best laid plans etc. Target is gone….just like that…..gone….Big W is opening in it’s place in mid 2013….big help!!!  So we went to Myer. Unbelievable….they had a sale on and he bought two really nice shirts.

We both got glowing reports from our respective doctors. Ronnie’s eyes are mucho improved and the doctor is confident that they will keep going and he will have a full recovery…..great sighs of relief all round!!!!

We celebrated by going to the movies and seeing ‘Broken City’ with Russell Crowe. It was OK, a bit ordinary and the story has been done before but it was an enjoyable way to spend a couple of hours. We followed that up with Pizza for dinner.

Tomorrow we are heading south. We still don’t have a definite route planned, such is the life of Free Radicals. We will work it out along the way. The aim is to be around Sydney and /or Nowra for Easter.


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