Sunday, 6 October 2013

Whooping it up in Wagin.
Sunday 22nd September (cont.)

We drove on to Wagin and arrived just after lunch. We stopped to take photos of local Art and the old Historic Well.


The old well was built around 1886 for use by carters and Sandalwood Teams and as water supply for the early pioneers of Wagin.

And of course, no visit to Wagin would be complete without a visit to the Big Ram (of course it is not as big as the one near Yass NSW but he is pretty impressive none the less).


We went to the Wagin Caravan Park and read the sign instructing us to find a site, plug into power and there would be a caretaker coming round to collect fees. The amenities block has combination locks on the doors so there was a mobile number to ring to get the combination. The fees were $20.00 per night or $88.00 per week. Well we can spot a bargain and the weather shows no sign of improvement for some time so we have decided on a week. Everything is in easy walking distance and there is a nice little park with walking tracks next to us as well.
Then my friend Ros’s Aunty Meryl arrived. Ros had told us that she lived here and that she would seek us out. Well she certainly did. She knew my name was Penny so christened Ron ‘Twopence’ and has called him that ever since. She immediately whisked us off to the roadhouse for coffee and cake and then took us for a quick guided tour around the town. She certainly knows everyone in town. Then she announced that we would be coming back there for dinner as well. We had a lovely dinner and a great old natter when we could get a word in that is! She is a lovely lady and a real force of nature.  

Monday 23rd September

We just stayed home today. Meryl was coming round but the weather was awful and I wasn’t feeling too crash hot and actually spent nearly all day sleeping.
Tuesday 24th September
After my day of rest yesterday, I am feeling fabbo. I got all dressed up in my new neck piece that I finally finished off last Sunday and Meryl arrived at quarter past twelve to take us off to town for hamburgers.

Later, we went to the hairdresser and got me an appointment for 2.00 pm Friday. After she dropped us back at the Caravan Park, I cut Ronnie’s hair and trimmed his beard. Meryl had told him he needed this but Ron replied that if he is too good looking he has to beat women off with sticks.

Wednesday 25th September
Meryl arrived mid morning and we set off to town. Ronnie stayed home; he wasn’t feeling a hundred percent (although he does look very handsome now I have trimmed him up a bit; he almost looks respectable).

Meryl and I went to ‘Care and Share’ (the local Op Shop) and a couple of shops in town. Then we adjourned to Meryl’s place and had some of her delicious home made soup for lunch. She then packed me up with containers of soup for Twopence and some meat she had in her fridge. (She is off East on Friday to visit an assortment of relos including Ros and her grandchildren of course for the school holidays).

Thursday 26th September

I am feeling well vindicated in complaining about the inclement weather after hearing on the News that it has been the wettest September in Perth for the last 90 years and the Wellington Dam in Collie (about a hundred and twenty kilometres away) where we were just four days ago has overflowed.

The kettle we had bought before leaving Perth was a bit too big for our hot plate and took a very long time to boil. I had mentioned this to Meryl last Wednesday and gave her the kettle in case she knew anyone who might like it or if she wanted to donate it to Care and Share. Today she lobbed in with a small Billy with a spout for us. She is a very thoughtful and generous lady.

Friday 27th September

This morning Meryl took Ron and me for a drive down to the Arthur River Roadhouse and then we dropped Ron off at Indie and Meryl and I headed into town. First stop was the Deli for morning tea and then we headed off to wash the School Bus. After that it was back to town to pay a few bills. While we were at the Chemist Meryl insisted I have my blood pressure checked and would you believe, it was a little on the low side, even after a full week with the whirlwind known as Meryl.

For lunch, we bought rolls and drinks and sat in the Ram Park. It is still woolly jumper weather and very windy but the rain has let up. Ron and I walked home and Meryl set off to do a few last minute jobs before departing on her holiday.

She came back and whisked me off to the hairdresser – ‘The Magic Touch Hair Studio’. (I love the name, because every time I go to get my hair cut I tell Ron that I am going off to be made beautiful and he always retorts with ‘They’re not magicians you know!’) Then Meryl went off on the school run before coming back to say good bye and head off East.

Saturday 28th September

This morning Ronnie and I wandered into town and bought some groceries and lots of fresh vegies. When we came back, Ronnie whipped up a lovely salad for lunch and made a batch of chicken and vegetable soup for dinner. Then he settled in to watch the AFL Grand Final and the NRL Prelim Final. I did laundry and caught up on some reading. It is still cold and windy.

Sunday 29th September

It is still too miserable to venture outdoors so catching up on reading and napping.

Monday 30th September

We wandered into town this morning only to discover it is a public holiday. Luckily the local IGA was open although the friendly check out chick had no idea why it was a public holiday.

Then it was back home for more TV watching.

Tuesday 1st October

We wandered into town again today and went to the hardware shop and the chemist (where I bought one of those ‘as seen on TV’ bras which I must say is incredibly comfortable). Then it was down to the local roadhouse for lunch and then Ronnie introduced me to ‘Candy Crush’, the most addictive game on the planet. 

Wednesday 2nd October

I got a call from the Chaplain from 1CER (Paul’s Regiment) just to see how everything was going.

Then it was back to Candy Crush!!!!

Ben needed us to fill out a Stat. Dec. for him so off we went to town. We called at the Shire Office and they provided the form. They then directed us to a J.P. and the Travellers’ Centre who would scan and email for the princely sum of $2.50. They were located in the Bank building in case we needed a loan to cover the cost lol.

Long story short, the accountant was located next to Foodworks (or the Co-Op as the locals call it). Well, we went berserk in Foodworks and bought a replacement bowl for the one that broke and some new Tea towels. Really whooping it up now!!!!!

Today was blue skies and sunshine…..all day!!!!

So what better time than now for the Solar to play up. We are not entirely sure what is happening but Ronnie has had a bit of a fiddle about but it may need a professional.

Thursday 3rd October

It is a beautiful warm, sunny day (our second in a row!!!).

We went for another stroll around town; then it was back home for more TV and general chilling out.

Friday 4th October

Today was an all-day chill.

Ronnie did discover that the Solar Controller is definitely broken and the nearest supplier is back in Bunbury so we will head back there.

Saturday 5th October

We are due to leave tomorrow but since we are so close to the Rugby League Grand Final (and there is no guarantee that we will have reception tomorrow), we have decided to stay on and will leave on Monday.

Sunday 6th October

Most of today’s activities are centred on packing for our travels tomorrow. We will be paying particular attention to the crockery cupboard!!!!!

Ronnie watched the Footy. Roosters won!

We will chill out for the rest of tonight in anticipation of tomorrow’s adventure.


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  1. Hmmmm just as well Aunty Meryl doesn't read this ...a whirl wind you called her .. come on Penny and Tuppence ---tornado hurricane even typhoon at the very least. Hopefully the rest of your trip around the south-west will be a little sunnier.
    stagnant roz