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Bullara, Coral Bay, Quobba and Carnarvon

Tuesday 6th August

As we left Exmouth, we stopped for lunch at Pebble Beach.

We’ve certainly had picnics in worse spots!!!!!


Wonder why they call it Pebble Beach? Wonder no more!!!

It’s very different from the fine white sandy beaches on the other side of North West Cape!

From there, we headed off to (486) Bullara Station for a two night stay. We were told to go by Kevin and Co. and that it was really good. Turns out, they were right!
To call it rustic is a gross understatement.


There is no power but they separate the generators and non-generators

We set up and Indy the owners’ dog came to visit our Indie.


The amenities are immaculate. You could eat your dinner off the floor. (But fortunately we have crockery for that!!!)

The building under the tank stand is the shower. The stack of fire wood heats the water. There is a little donkey heater and the camp hosts Steve and Maggie organise that.

The other shower has a tree in the middle of it so you can hang your towel etc.

It was fabbo!!

You could get a shower and a tan at the same time!!
At 5.00pm Steve lit the big campfire (just near Indie so we could roll home) for Happy Hour. Ronnie put our potatoes in the coals after it had died down and we had them with our steak that we bought there.

It is a working station and they have their own beef and sheep. Best steak ever!!!

We sat in the Camp Kitchen to eat and were joined by Greg and Lyn.

They are holidaying from Geraldton and are the loveliest people. We had a great night chatting about all manner of stuff and Greg even put the billy on for a night time cuppa!!

Wednesday 7th August

Ronnie and I spent most of the morning gasbagging with Greg and Lyn and getting the low down on good spots to see further south. Greg made a huge damper with Golden Syrup (the only way to eat Damper) to share. It was so yummo!!!

Maggie came by and gave us all some fresh lettuce from the garden as well.

Then Ronnie and I went for a bit of an explore!

We saw some cattle and the shearing shed.

Then we saw some sheep! Yes, they are sheep not goats!


They are Damara sheep (apparently a hardy South African breed) and looking at the country they need to be hardy.

Bullara Station is a mere 250 thousand acres so I suppose they have a bit of choice as to where they roam!!!!!

Then we spotted some more rustic tourist attractions.

After that, it was time for Happy Hour again. The days go so quickly when you are so busy relaxing (he he he).

As I was sat by the fire, Maggie asked me to look after her little dog, Toby for a minute and took off before I could reply.
Initially I was a little taken aback but soon warmed to the little fella. He was just so cute (and we have rather similar hairstyles except mine is just a little curlier!!!!)



After Happy Hour and a delicious dinner of Bullara Station Meat Patties (another must) we adjourned for another evening of fun and frivolity with Greg and Lyn and a few other folk.

We talked and laughed and Greg put the billy on again before we finally went our separate ways. Ron had been appointed by Steve to put the lights out in the Camp Kitchen both nights. (I guess we just look like dirty rotten stop outs!!!!)

Thursday 8th August

What a wonderful stay it had been. Sadly we had to move on because we were booked into Coral Bay. (That’s why I hate booking!!!!!) Anyway, we said our fond farewells (and bought more meat) and headed off.

We arrived at Coral Bay at about 11.00am and had a look around. It is gorgeous. Everything is within walking distance and the Bay is to die for. It is a real Tourist town. We drove into the Bay View Caravan Park when a voice called ‘I know that dress’. It was Kevin and he invited us over for Sun Downers tonight. We set up camp (they were all booked out so we couldn’t get another night) and headed straight down for a swim.


The water was fantastic as we bobbed up and down on our noodles.

I know I keep harping on about it, but the colour of the water here is just magic!!!!!!!


We spent the evening catching up with Kevin, Maureen, Alan and Denise and that was good fun.

Given our time over, we probably would have stayed a couple of days longer in Coral Bay; it was just so lovely.

Friday 9th August

We left Coral Bay and drove on to (470) Minilya River.

And here we are again, under a bridge with no sign what-so-ever of any water course let alone a river!!!!!


I have done my diary and am now just chillin’.

Saturday 10th August

Still just chillin’.

Sunday 11th August


 I did a Zentangle which was a lot of fun. I enjoy drawing patterns. I find it very relaxing. You can just zone out and it was lovely sitting in the sun without a worry in the world.


Monday 12th August
We drove into Carnarvon with the expectation of picking up mail that Cheryee had forwarded to us. She sent it Express Post and was told Friday or Monday. The lady at Carnarvon just laughed and said ‘try towards the end of the week’. So we had coffee, we went to the Tourist Info centre, we shopped, we booked a caravan park for next Thursday and Friday and promptly left town!
We drove about 80km back the way we came and pulled into Quobba Blowholes. We were told it was a must see and it really is. No power or water, must be fully self-contained but only $5.50 per night!!!!!!
We found a little dip between sand dunes (as out of the wind as we could get) and set up.


It is a very popular spot (especially with fisher folk) and the people are pretty friendly. I walked over to the beach to have a sticky beak – very rough because of the wind (or should I say gale. It was really howling!)



We weren’t game to put out the awning for fear it would be blown away into the wild blue yonder.

We are beginning to wonder if the wind is following us. It has been windy everywhere we go lately and the folk we spoke to said I has been great here until the last couple of days!

We slept the sleep of the righteous, knowing it could not possibly be our fault but the wind did not abate at all.

Tuesday 13th August

We emerged from Indie this morning to find Aiden and Mary were camped a little way up the road. They invited us for morning tea, and very pleasant it was.

After that, Ronnie and I set off to the Blowholes. It is about a twenty minute walk and worth every step of it. It leaves Kiama for dead!

The coastline along here is incredibly rugged and very beautiful.

The sea was really rough and there was a big swell.

There are several small blow holes and one big one


And it was really going off today because of the big seas!!!!!

It was really amazing to be so close to the edge of the cliff and the noise (like the roar of a freight train) was unbelievable. You could really feel the power of the ocean!!!

We walked a bit further along the cliff top.

The scenery really is awe inspiring. It is amazing. And just a little bit scary.

Then we saw this sign. Just to remind you not to become complacent.
I know I am looking all windswept and interesting with my long hair (I was intending to grow it but, I am so over it!!!!) In the camp, there was a lady doing haircuts for $15.00. and inspired by Aidan and Mary who had had their hair done this morning and not being able to resist a bargain, off I went. I feel 20 kg lighter already

Wednesday 14th August

I went for a walk up to the far headland. It is such a quaint little place with its old corrugated iron fishing shacks.


It was still really windy,
so most activities were restricted to indoors. Since I had a lovely new look with my new hairstyle, we decided to revamp Ron’s look. We decided to go for two plaits to start.
When we took them out, he bore a striking resemblance to an enraged octopus!
Then we tried a single plait.

I preferred the two. It was more Vikingish.


Anyway, we decided to take another walk up to the Blowholes and bought hot chips and a can of lemon drink. That set us back $12.00 (just over two days camp fees) but the chips were some of the best we have ever tasted!

On the way back, I went to the loo and just as I was coming out, Denise was coming in. Yep, Denise, Alan, Maureen and Kevin were staying in Carnarvon and had come out to the Blowholes for a picnic lunch. They had been here about 2 hours and were just getting ready to head back to Carnarvon. What are the chances? Do do do do do do do do (that’s the theme from ‘The Twilight Zone’ for those of us old enough to remember it!!!) Suffice to say, Ron’s plaited beard did not go unnoticed.

Aiden and Mary joined us for Sun Downers and were also suitably impressed with Ron’s Viking look. We had a nice time together and agreed that Quobba is certainly a most impressive place. We are all leaving tomorrow but shall doubtless catch up further down the track.

Thursday 15th August
We drove into Carnarvon and settled in at Coral Coast Caravan Park ($39.00 per night – a far cry from Quobba). It is right in town so we can walk everywhere and our first stop was the Post Office (after the laundry of course!!!). Our mail was there (it had arrived first thing Tuesday morning).  We posted the Dexter DVDs back to Angela and Kyla and sent a care package to Paul. It will be interesting to see whose mail arrives first.
We met the neighbours, Col and Denny.

They had been behind us at Bullara Station. They are from the Hunter Valley and we had Happy Hour with them and two other couples at the Camp BBQ Area. The Caravan Park provided free nibbles so that was a bonus.


Friday 16th August

This morning we set of on a bicycle ride. It has only been just over a decade for me and at least forty years since Ron rode a deadly treadly. Seriously though, it is just like riding a bike (he he he). We did a practice run around the Caravan Park first so as not to embarrass ourselves totally. Mind you, as soon as you put the helmet on, total embarrassment is inevitable.


Here we are at The Fascine which is the bay formed by the South Arm of the Gascoyne River on our way to the ocean.

From here we rode out through the dunes to One Mile Jetty on Babbage Island.


The Jetty was built in 1904, widened in 1912 and used by ships until 1966. It has a little train (The Coffee Pot) that runs out to the end of the jetty (as long as it is not too windy). We just made it today.

The train only goes at walking pace and it is amazing to go over the different land and sea scapes until you are finally a mile out and over the ocean proper


Finally we arrived at the end of the jetty and got out and had a bit of a walk about. It was quite frightening how blowy it was.

Sadly that part of the old jetty had been burnt down in 1985 but has been partly rebuilt.


Finally we made the return run and if the wind wasn’t scary enough, just check out the tracks!!!!!  Not what you would call level or even!!!!


It had been such fun, riding the bikes and the train ride was so much better than just looking at one in a museum.

We rode back to town and had fish and chips for lunch in the park.


What a great day!!!  Now, if we can just walk tomorrow…..


Saturday 17th August

We are heading off to The Farmers Markets today to check out the local produce. Carnarvon is the food bowl of WA. We bought some beans here yesterday and while I am not one to get over excited about green beans, I must say that these were the best beans we have had for ages.

So, thus encouraged, we set off at a cracking pace to walk up to the Civic Centre by 8.30 am.

And well rewarded we were indeed!

We purchased a good supply of free range eggs and fresh vegies. I even managed to find dried Mango strips (Yummo).

I’m not sure if the admiring stares from passers-by are for my stunning good looks, my amazing pumpkin or my fabulously appropriate shopping bag which has ‘Penny Market’ emblazoned upon it. (The bag was a gift from my friends Annette and Guy. They got it on a recent jaunt through Czechoslovakia or some other European country –I love it!!!)
We passed ‘The Big Dish’ (which was of major importance to global communications from 1966 to 1987 when it closed down) as we headed out of town, turning south towards Geraldton.

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  1. Hey Penny,

    I'm glad you mentioned the story with your hair. I was thinking to myself as I read (yes, every word!) the last post. 'Gee', I thought, 'Penny's hair is very long'. I must confess, I prefer the scary octopus look in Ronnie's beard! The viking look is quite cute!!

    I'm glad you recovered from your bike ride. You weren't kidding about that mile, were you! The train reminds me of Thomas the Tank Engine. :D

    Love reading about your adventures.

    xxxxx Christina