Friday, 7 June 2013

Tarrying in Townsville

Friday 31st May

We left Home Hill and drove into Ayr and took Indie in for another wash.

We arrived in Townsville around elevenish and went off to Stocklands Shopping Centre. I managed to get my pumpkin and mouse charm put on my bracelet at Angus and Coote with a minimum of fuss and only $7.00!!!!

We bought a hard drive to download TV Shows and post to Paul for his birthday. The mail takes about four to six weeks to get through so we will have to be quick.

We went to the Motor Registry because my Licence is due for renewal in December this year and we will be in WA or somewhere other than Queensland. I will go back on Monday after we take Indie in for his service and apply for it then.

Saturday 1st June

Ben played footy. We stayed home. I finished off my $mas knitting for Xander.

The stocking is about 30cm high and the little Santa doll is separate.


I also finished wrestling the reindeer and attaching antlers.


Sunday 2nd June

Apparently, Ben wandered in some time this morning. They were all out commiserating. It seems they played well but lost.

We spent the day at home watching Xander be cute.


Monday 3rd June

We took Indie into Marks Mechanics for his service at 7.30am and then walked to a nearby Take Away for coffee and something to eat before braving the Motor Registry.

At the Motor Registry, I was told that I could not renew my licence as it was more than 6 months before its expiry date. I explained we had been given the forms on Friday and told to bring them back today. She went away and saw the manager and came back and said they need some proof that I will be away. I told her I didn’t have anything because we are travelling within Australia and asked to see the manager.  Back she went to the manager and returned saying that I would have to fill in a declaration form to say I will be travelling. I wrote it up and included in it that I had been told by a staff member to come back and fill out the form. She told me that the manager said I could not say that a staff member had told me to come back to get my licence renewed. I figured that since it was my declaration, I could declare whatever I chose to!!! I asked to speak to the manager and she went away then came back and said the manager had changed his mind and I could say that. Finally I had my old licence surrendered; an interim licence issued and told that my new five year licence would be posted out in about 2 weeks.

Happy with that result, Ronnie and I walked about 3.5 km (20 Ronometres) to Castle Town Shopping Centre and attempted to kill another few hours before the mechanics rang at about 11.30 (5 hours after we dropped Indie off) to say he was ready to be collected. We caught a cab back, parted with our $320.00, and drove off into the wilds of The Ville.

Actually we drove to the cinema and saw ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’. It was quite good. I preferred the first one, but I like Star Trek so I had to enjoy this one too!!!

Xander has discovered his toes and has decided that feet are for standing. He stands up all the time and is incredibly strong.  He also dribbles all over the place, rolls over and generally does all the right things.


Ron said we would make a video for Paul’s birthday so Ben sent Anita out to buy a cake for us to have in the video and then eat. We made a short video – about 20 seconds – of us all singing Happy Birthday. (It felt like it would be 20 minutes long, it took so long to make).

I had my awful pains back again so trundled off to bed about 9.30 pm.

Tuesday 4th June

I woke up at 10.30 am, only because I needed to wee and it was really hot in Indie. AHHH the tropics!! Gotta love hot weather!!!

We went out to Castle Town shops to post off Paul’s parcel. We had lunch, wandered around and then left. Half way back to Indie, Ronnie realised he had left his hat behind. I scuttled back and there it was, still on the table in the food hall. Poor Ronnie; he didn’t know whether to be pleased it was still there or offended that no-one else wanted it!!!!!

We then went off to try to get a wind shield to put around the gas burners when Ron is trying to cook outside in a gale. He has been looking for ages but hasn’t been able to find one. We spotted one at ‘Ray’s Outdoors’ Camping shop but it had little lugs on the bottom and hooked into a table so you had to buy the whole set for $129.00. We ventured inside and looked about but could not find anything. As we were leaving, I saw one of their salesmen, showed him the table, explained our plight and he said that sometimes they have bits and pieces that are damaged and he would check out the back. He came back carrying a slightly bent shield and said we could have it for a $5.00 donation to the Cancer Council……Done!!!!!

We came home, Ben dragged out his trusty Dremel and he and Ron drilled several holes in our table so Ron can create in all weather conditions now.


It looks fabbo and has three different positions and if we turn them sideways, we can fit both cookers in.
Ben went to Footy training and Anita has gone to the Gym. They have left us with Xander and strict instructions to keep him awake till they get back at about 8.30. That will be two and a half hours of Nana and Grumpy time. I went and got his monkey

He really likes him. I think it is because it is so soft and easy to grasp.

So then we went and got his ‘That’s not my monkey’ book as well.
He likes getting his teeth (or gums) into a good book!!!! And he’s just so clever, turning the pages all by himself.

Next week it will probably be ‘War and Peace’!!!!!!!
We all had a lovely time.


And of course, we couldn’t leave out Dollar. He is so good with Xander.

I can’t say the same for me. Every time I sit down with my legs crossed, he comes and nudges them apart so I have both feet on the floor. Perhaps he is trying to protect me from varicose veins.

Wednesday 5th June State of Origin
I’m half expecting a call from Paul around midnight or the wee small hours of tomorrow just because it is State of Origin tonight and he and his Dad always talk on the phone about it. The fact that he is half way round the world should not deter him. Of course we are all NSW. We were all born there and we tease Ben mercilessly that Xander is a Queenslander. Ben retaliates with “it doesn’t matter because by the time Xander is able to barrack for a team, NSW may have actually had a win!!!” We did threaten to buy Xander a Maroons Supporter T Shirt but were told point blank that he would never be allowed to wear it!
Anita went out this morning and left us to mind Xander. We had him for over 2 hours.
And didn’t we have fun! We sang songs and danced and read books. Then we dressed up in the gorgeous little cardie that my friend Annette knitted for him. He was sooooooooooooo good. (If we ignore the poopy nappy that is!)
After Anita came back, we went to get provisioned up for tomorrow’s departure.


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  1. Awww ... Xander really is so cute. I can't help but see mostly Paul in him, poor little dickens! I love the monkey, the Santa and the reindeer. You will have to knit my grandbabies some cute things like that. I expect to have one in a couple of years. Sam is 15 this year and old enough to make me one! I love the fancy cooking wind shield. You are not suffering at all out there!