Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Still in The Ville

Tuesday 29th January

I ended up sleeping in after this mornings heat wave.

We have decided to stay a bit longer….we know there are roads cut and there may be problems with some food shortages in towns that have been cut off….and of course it gives us more time with Xander (so now you see through my cunning plan)

Anita and Xander took Ben to work this morning and at lunch time, Anita went shopping and left Xander with us. She was gone for about three quarters of an hour. Xander just slept…..truly he is sooooo good.

When Anita got back, she was saying that there were shortages of fresh fruit and vegetables but she was able to get our skim milk (for coffee) and my crisps (for sundowners)…..the important things!!!!

Xander was in the lounge room asleep and Anita was in the kitchen. I went to move Xander and Dollar went me!!!!!

He did it twice and when I called Anita in, he was fine. Then he did the same to Ron. Lucky we didn’t need to touch Xander while Anita was at the shops.

Anita took Xander to the clinic this afternoon and he has put on 320grams so far…..what a piggy guts!!!!

  We had Ben’s Flathead that he caught for our dinner (well for our entrĂ©e) There was not a lot of it, but it was delicious!!!! Anita battered and fried it a la fish cocktail and served it with lemon wedges and a cocktail sauce……yummo!!!!

And I finished my knitted ball (complete with bell inside)

I took heaps of photos of Xander today including the mandatory nudie rudies for display at his 21st Birthday Party.


This is Xander ready for his bath!!!!!

(Appropriately pixelated)


This is Ben (30 years ago) ready for his bath!!!!!

(Also appropriately pixelated)


Talk about seen one baby, you’ve seen ‘em all !!!!!!!!!

Wednesday 30th January

Ben and Anita said we could take the car today….we would just have to mind Xander while Anita drove Ben to work first. Fortunately Dollar was OK with the arrangement and all went well.

Ron and I went and saw Django, Tarantino’s latest movie…..fantastic……… quintessential Quentin!!!!!!

We went to the shops and I finally found a jeweller to attach my stork and my elephant to my bracelet!!!!

This afternoon, Anita had Xander in his bouncer again and again Dollar snapped at me. While everyone was laughing at me, Ben went to pick up Xander and Dollar had a go at him too!!!! I wonder if it has something to do with the fact that Xander is close to the ground and Dollar is bigger.

Thursday 31st January

After another hot, humid night, we have woken to another hot, humid day.
Anita went to the shops and we minded Xander for about two hours.
He slept for most of the time…..Don’t you wish you were that relaxed?

Ron and I went for a walk at about 5.30 pm when it was a little cooler.
Ben and Anita shouted Indian Take Away for dinner tonight…..more food than you could jump over……very yummo!!
Friday 1st February
One month gone already!
Anita’s car window is not working…..she took it in for a quote and Ron drove her back to pick it up in Indie.
I knitted a star. More practise with double pointed needles!!!! I made one side light and one side dark to see which showed up the centre design more.

I figure I have to do something to make myself look more feminine (although I thought flouncing about in a pink frock might do it). I went out to Indie at about 8.00 last night when the fellow next door sang out ‘g’day mate’. I replied ‘good evening’ and he came back with ‘Sorry, I thought you were a bloke’. If he had said ‘Sorry, it’s very dark and I didn’t really see you properly’ my ego would have not been completely deflated. What now, if a pink frock is not enough?

Saturday 2nd February 
This morning, Ben went to pick up the digger to start excavating the back yard. Anita was sleeping so Grumpy thought he would bring Xander out to show him our house. We thought of secreting him in a convenient little hidey hole and stealing off into the sunset but we figured Ben and Anita might notice him missing.

The boys got stuck into the digging and did a really good job.


We went to ‘Summerie’s’ Thai Restaurant for dinner (our shout) and had a banquet for four. Yummo! All the ladies went gooey over Xander (as they would) and he slept through most of the meal….woke up…had a two second whinge to let Anita know he wanted to be picked up so he could have a proper look around and promptly settled into his job of being gorgeous….not another peep out of him!!!!

Sunday 3rd February

Ben continued on with his digging. He has spread the dirt all around the yard. It is amazing how much of it there is.


Ron has volunteered to tow the digger back to the hire company tomorrow on the back of Indie….

Monday 4th February



We took the digger back to the hire company….now Ronnie knows he can tow, he’ll be wanting a trailer next!!!!!

(It has been a standing joke since we bought Indie that all we need now is a trailer to put all my stuff in!!!!!)

We stopped at Maccas for breakfast and then went to Bridgestone to get air in the tyres….easy….or so one would think!

The boys at Bridgestone were fabulous. They had untold trouble with the extension tube on the inside back tyre and ended up spending about 15 minutes fiddling about with it before replacing it for no charge!!!!!

Ron went into Cecil B. De Mille mode for Xander’s bath time.


The older he gets, the cuter he gets…..much like his Nana on his father’s side!!!!!
Tuesday 5th January

I found a Medical Centre just down the road from Ben’s and made an appointment to get a thing on my nose checked to make sure it wasn’t a sun cancer. The doctor said it was OK but he found three other things to burn off on my body. He also said that I have Rhinophyma which presents as a particularly bulbous nose that can only be ‘cured’ by cosmetic surgery. There goes the rest of what was left of my particularly fragile almost shattered ego!!!!!

I got to mind Xander for a couple of hours today while Anita went out and it was wonderful although I am feeling quite sad tonight because Ron and I are leaving tomorrow ….heading south to cooler climes….. and that may well have been my last nurse and I don’t know when I will get to see baby Xander again.


  1. Wow, he is such a Johnsen. The pictures of Ben and Xander .. it could be the same baby! It sounds like you have had a blast with your baby boy. I'm surprised you are saying you dont know when you will see him again ... Um, why? You are grey nomads now, you can go where you want when you want, right? Just go back in a couple of months.

    I think the dark purple shows up the detail more. Would you agree?

    I could have a new job when you get down here. UQ needs a biology teacher for their international school foundation year. I had an interview last night and find out early next week. Keep your fingers crossed for me. :)

    I cant wait to see you two. I've missed you VERY VERY MUCH. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  2. Hey good read :) I agree with Cristina!!! Spot the difference between Ben and xander! ! Thats crazy, poor little guy doesn't stand a chance :-( maybe when he has a younger brother he'll be cuter, much like Ben's lol. Sounds like u had a blast up there :) and don't stress I don't plan on having a xander for a while yet lol. Ones enough I think :-) hope your having a safe trip down south and I'll talk to u soon :-)
    Paul xoxoxox

    1. Hi Paul
      Thanks for reading....glad you liked it.....and Thank you , yes, one is enough!!!!!!! May be when you are closer to thirty(like your Dad and Ben)!!!!!
      Big hugs