Wednesday, 21 November 2012

In Darwin

It has been over a month since my last post and will probably be the same till my next. There is not much to report while living quietly in the suburbs and I have not taken a single photo since our arrival. I have included here a synopsis of our activity since arrival.

We arrived at Paul’s place just after lunch. He really liked his Cassowary.It was so lovely to see him again!!!! He has a lovely house and we are sleeping in the spare room until December when his mate moves in. Sadly he has yappy dogs next door and they are really annoying.
We are giving the air conditioning a run for its money.

Ron and Paul and I went to the pictures and saw ‘Loopers’, Bruce Willis’ latest movie. It wasn’t the worst movie I’ve ever seen and in fact I didn’t mind it at all. Ron and Paul thought it was pretty much rubbish!!!
Paul went back to work today. He was on leave all of last week and of course, the golf clubs he ordered on line, turned up this morning!!!
Paul,s car has been off the road since we arrived but we now have it back to run about in (much easier to find parking spots than Indie!) so Ron and I went to the casino. Gordon (at Camooweal) told us about their ‘Monday Madness’. You have to be over 50 (they check your driver’s license).  You join up (it’s free)and they give you $20 poker machine credit, a $5 Keno voucher, a voucher for a free drink and a voucher for $9.95 buffet lunch or dinner. It’s all only usable on the Monday. We opted for the dinner because it includes seafood. We actually won $16 on the pokies as well, so all in all a nice day out!!!  Apparently, once you are a member, you get the same deal every Monday except the poker machine credit drops down to $10. After we left the casino, we drove into town and went for a walk along the esplanade. It was really lovely if not a little warm.
Ron and I are really missing being on the road. We are such gypsies now….do not cope well with suburban life.
Ron and I went to the pictures and saw ‘Savages’. I wasn’t real impressed with the idea of going having seen the shorts but I quite enjoyed it. I could have done without some of the really graphic violence though.
No wonder I hate Halloween!!!!!! We got up this morning to find Paul’s house and car had been egged!!!! We heard someone knock at the door but did not open it.
Paul suggested we go out for dinner.We went to ‘Salt n Peppa’ just up the road and it was lovely.
Just to lighten the mood we went to the pictures and saw ‘Seven Psychopaths’. It was really good but we knew it would be because David and Margaret each gave it four stars!!!!
Ron drove Paul to work this morning. He has gone to Woomera for two weeks.
We decided to have pizza for dinner so rang and ordered Dominos. Ron went to start Paul’s car to pick it up….no go!!!!!! I rang and asked Dominos to change our order to a delivery which they did. Ron rang Paul to see if he is in NRMA or similar and he said to check gas/petrol switch. Ron checked it and lo and behold problem fixed…car working!!!!!
Paul's car has been converted to run on gas only but it still has a switch under the dash to change over to petrol. Ron must have unknowingly knocked it with his knee last time he got out!!!! 
Ron and I went to the pictures and saw ‘Argo’…top film, really enjoyed it.
We are both suffering from conjunctivitis at the moment so that has put a stop to much of our activities for the moment.
Fingers crossed it will get better soon!!!!


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  1. So, when is your grandchild due? It must be soon!!

    We have a new baby. Kitten Sophie joined the clan this week. She is 9 weeks old and cute as a button. I'm looking for a new job. I'm over this one! No luck so far :( We went and saw Skyfall and loved it! You probably have too by now. What did you think?

    Will look forward to your next post.

    xxxx Christina