Sunday, 16 September 2012

Paradise Found - Palm Cove

Saturday 8th September

We left Port Douglas and drove on to Palm Cove. Talk about Paradise Found!!! We stayed at (10) Palm Cove Campground – a council caravan park right on the beach. We ended up staying three nights for a total of $75.00. The first night was an unpowered site ($19.00) and the other two were powered ($28.00 each).The weather was not real crash hot but the beach was beautiful to walk on and there were beautiful gardens and the shopping precinct had lots of little cafes and restaurants. There were heaps of resorts and holiday apartments and it had a really nice atmosphere. There is a little jetty at one end and we saw three beach weddings.

Sunday 9th September
Today we did our ‘must do’ tourist trip up to Kuranda on the scenic railway and down again on the sky rail cable car
We met a lovely couple from New Zealand, Sue and Graeme, who gave us their address and insisted we visit if we get over there. We travelled with them in the train and bumped into them on the way back down on the cable car.

The weather was a bit iffy when we started out and it got worse as the day went on. Kuranda is very set up for tourists with lots of shops and cafes. The weather was a bit drizzly and by the time we came down at 3 o’clock it was looking grim. That’s the Wet Tropics for you.  

Monday 10th September

Today was a day of rest, strolls on the beach, reading and generally being lazy-Yum! We have to be back in Townsville on Friday to get our awning done.

Paradise Lost – Cairns to Townsville

Tuesday 11th September

We left Palm Cove and drove south. We stopped at a couple of the other beaches, Trinity Beach and Yorkeys Knob. Neither was a patch on Palm Cove.

Then we drove through to Cairns. It was just another big town so we didn’t even stop.
The weather was getting worse and we stopped at (14) Babinda Rest Area, a free spot at the east end of the town.
Babinda is known as the Umbrella Town and they seem to compete with nearby towns of Innisfail and Tully for the highest rainfall. No wonder the boys hate going out bush around here!!!!
The camp was quite nice, on the creek and all grass with new hot showers.
Wednesday 12th September
We stopped at Lacey Creek and went for a 1.5km bush walk, still searching for the elusive cassowary but secretly hoping not to come face to face with one.
From there, we drove through to Innisfail and bought morning tea and ate by the junction of the North and South Johnstone Rivers. Innisfail has the most incredible Art Deco architecture. Nearly every building is in that style.
We drove to Bingil Bay for lunch.
It was very pretty as well but again, the weather was not too good.
After lunch it was on to (26) Hull Heads Recreation Area south east of Tully -$15.00 per night and free hot showers! When we arrived, it was still overcast but we braved the elements and went for a walk along the beach. It was lovely. The care taker came to collect the fees and showed us photos of what Cyclone Yasi had done to the area and also a photo of a big salt water crocodile taken across the river in May this year!!!!
Later Ron had a bit of a rest and I went back and took some sundown shots – not award winners but quite pretty.
Thursday 13th September
We arrived at Ben’s in the mid afternoon. He and Anita were still at work but Dollar was really pleased to see us.
Friday 14th September
We took Indie down to get the awning replaced – Total $1315.80 – Lou had failed to include GST on original quote.
We also went to the Motor Registry and hooray, the rego is finally in my name!!!!!
Saturday 15th September
Ben had duty so Ron and I went for a drive to The Strand and walked along there and had fish and chips by the sea for lunch.
We went out for dinner to ‘Outback Jacks’. I don’t particularly like steak so I ordered the salmon. I was quite taken aback when the waitress asked me how I would like it cooked……I thought there was only one way to cook salmon and after I described it to her she decided to mark my order ‘medium rare’…….any way, it was very nice. Ron and Anita had steaks and Ben had a plate of ribs that he could not jump over….it was huge!!!!!!
Sunday 16th September
It was just a stay at home and do odds and sods around the house.

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  1. I have fond memories of Yorkeys Knob. Sam was only 4 when we holidayed there, so that is 10 years ago now. Wow, how time flies!

    I suggest you buy a $10 tarp for the next time the awning breaks!

    I've eaten at Outback Jacks! You were brave facing the salmon. I'm glad it was to your liking!!